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Coquina Jasper goes by many names (Elephant Skin Jasper & Mariyam Jasper are two of the most common alternative names), but its distinctive pattern and color make it easy to identify no matter what it’s being called.

Healing Properties of Coquina Jasper: A Crystal for Hope & Gratitude

Common Healing Properties of Coquina Jasper:

  • Enhances past-life recall
  • Supports you energetically as you work to turn around seemingly hopeless situations
  • Assists you with communicating with your guides and ancestors
  • Enhances your grounding practices
  • Helps remove stagnant energy from your space
  • Promotes gratitude


Notes: Also known as Elephant Skin Jasper, Mariyam Jasper, Mariam Jasper, Miriam Jasper, Miriam Stone, Calligraphy Stone, Cartography Stone, or Snakeskin Jasper.

Common Origins: Himalayan Mountains, India

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More Information About Jasper:

Jaspers are primarily quartz (silicon dioxide, or SO2) which has been broken down and reformed within the earth, often picking up traces of other minerals in the process. Red jasper, for example, contains traces of hematite. More complex jaspers may even include veins or small pieces of other minerals. Some jaspers are actually agates, rhyolites, or… well, a variety of other materials. In general, jaspers are associated with grounding and connection to Mother Earth. The heavily patterned ones are often also associated with creativity and mental focus.

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