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Formed from the same material as seashells, the intense blue of this variety of aragonite often shows iridescent white lines, sort of like water reflecting the sky on a tropical beach…Air seems to meet water in this ethereal stone.

Healing Properties of Blue Aragonite: A Crystal for Focus & Forward-Thinking

Common Healing Properties of Blue Aragonite:

  • Connects you with your guides and angels
  • Assists you as you work with the air element
  • Cools fiery energy or anger
  • Instills joy
  • Promotes courage
  • Shields you against outside energies
  • Support you while you work on reducing your stress

Notes: Some forms of aragonite may contain lead or other dangerous elements, so do not use aragonite directly to make elixirs.

Common Origins: Uruguay

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More Information About Aragonite:

Aragonite is a form of calcium carbonate, the same material as calcite but in a different structure. It is the material that makes up seashells. We often see it in two main color patterns: a brown/golden/white variety, which sometimes appears striped; and an eye-catching robin’s egg blue. The little brown-sugar-colored clusters called “sputniks” are especially popular, maybe because they give off such a friendly vibe — sort of like a little mineral pet. Rarer forms of aragonite appear as clusters of colorless spikes (or needles) or blue coral-like masses. This abundant mineral is found all over the world. It’s great for grounding, and even for grounding other crystals.




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