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If motivation is lacking in your life, perhaps come crystal energy can give you that swift kick in the butt you really need to get moving! That’s right – crystals can help you tackle and finish that growing list of to-do’s in your life that really shouldn’t be put off any longer. From the mundane tasks at home to the challenging projects you might have to complete at work, crystals are the allies you want on your team if you’re in need of positive, motivating energy.

UPDATE: This article previously used the term “mojo” to describe a person’s personal power. Using this term is culturally appropriative (as this is a term rooted in African spiritual practice) in the context it was previously used, especially shared by the author here (who is white). This article has been updated to reflect this change.

Have you ever felt stuck?  You are desperately yearning to move forward – with a project, situation, relationship, or career – but you just can’t seem to get anywhere?

You’re always daydreaming about what it would be like if you could just make a change…the problem is…you’re SO stuck that you can’t do what is needed to create change.

You feel like you’ve lost your power, but what may really be missing is your motivation.

Picture this: That HUGE project that you’ve been fretting about for months (whether for work, school, or fun) is FINALLY complete…and it’s not just finished…it’s totally AWESOME!

I know…you’re thinking…that would be nice, but HOW can you make it happen?  You haven’t been able to make any progress in ages.  So what’s the secret?

Two simple words: Crystals, baby.

When you NEED a boost in any area of your life, grids can be just the tool to help get you through.

I just had a totally corny thought, so hang tight with me…it’s almost like “Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Motivation”…and you’re Nancy.  Well Ms. Drew…it’s time to solve this mystery, with a little help from your crystals.

First, it’s important to identify when and why your motivation jumped ship.  What was going on in your life around the time your progress came to a screeching halt?  Did you have added pressures at work or home that made making time for your project more difficult?  Did you lose interest and excitement after a time?  Or did you get blindsided by feelings of failure when you realized that you weren’t getting anywhere?

It can be challenging to take a good look at how you got where you are.  Try to be honest with yourself about the reasons for your “stuck-ness” without judging the situation or yourself.

Next, brainstorm a list of things that could potentially slow or stop your progress on this project in the future.  Again, it’s important to be honest with yourself.  This list might include bigger picture things like not having the financial resources to complete your project, but it may also include things like getting distracted by too much TV.

Once you’ve identified your blocks to success, you should use them to help you create an affirmation or intention statement.  For example, of you identified the fact that you get easily distracted or seem to have a short attention span when it comes to working on your project, then your intention statement should include something about being focused and attentive while you work.  On the other hand, if your list of success blocks included a lack of resources, then perhaps your intention statement should be geared toward helping you manifest what you need to complete your project.  If you have several major blocks to success, you may want to write a few sentences about exactly what you need to call into your life to help you succeed.

Crystals for motivationNext, choose crystals that have properties corresponding to your affirmation.  For example, if you need crystals for motivation, try Carnelian or Red jasper.  Or if focus is a problem for you, try Rainbow Fluorite or Golden Tiger’s Eye.  If abundance or prosperity would serve you best, Jade or Citrine are wonderful.  If you aren’t sure which crystals to use, let your intuition guide you to the right stones.  Otherwise, you can also use our Crystal Properties Directory to find the right stone for your purpose.

Once you have chosen your stones, it’s important to program them.

Programming is simply the act of intentionally directing a crystal’s energy to work for your chosen purpose.  For getting unstuck I recommend programming your stone with the following method:

  1. Make yourself comfortable in a place where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Place your written affirmation/intention statement in front of you (unfolded with the writing facing up).
  3. Put your crystals on top of your written affirmation.
  4. Place your hands on top of your crystals and close your eyes.
  5. Visualize yourself pulling universal, white light energy into your crown chakra.
  6. See the energy move through your body and out of your hands into the stones.
  7. Visualize the stones glowing with white light and see the light surround your affirmation statement.
  8. Visualize the light collecting energy from your written statement, as if it were pulling the words right off of the page.
  9. See this charged light surround your crystals and bathe them with the energy of your affirmation.  Hold this image until the light fades to a soft glow.
  10. Open your eyes and collect the stones and your affirmation statement.

Crystals for motivationThis process will charge and program your crystals to help you get unstuck and move forward.  You can place your stones and written affirmation into a small pouch and carry it with you, or you can just have the stones and affirmation nearby while working on your project.

Your crystals will help to remind you of your blocks to success so that you can better navigate procrastination, self-doubt, etc.  They will also help you maintain the energy that’s needed to get unstuck and take steps to move forward.




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Getting Unstuck: Crystals for Enhancing Motivation and Banishing Procrastination
Article Name
Getting Unstuck: Crystals for Enhancing Motivation and Banishing Procrastination
Have you ever felt stuck?  You are desperately yearning to move forward - with a project, situation, relationship, or career - but you just can’t seem to get anywhere? If so, now is the perfect time for you to look into using crystals for motivation.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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19 responses to “Getting Unstuck: Crystals for Enhancing Motivation and Banishing Procrastination

  1. Jewels on October 24, 2017 at 8:43 am

    This is amazing… I just went into a shop and got several crystals and didn’t know their properties until I got home.
    Turns out all of them were for focus and help to study. I’m writing final exams in college.

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on October 24, 2017 at 11:16 am

      Hi Jewels!! WOW! Isn’t that amazing? Sounds like your intuition knew exactly what you needed and connected with just the right crystals for you <3 Best of luck on your exams. Crystal blessings!

  2. Beth Perry on January 29, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    your timing on this info is as perfect as it can be. Struggling with a project at work I require direction …. Im going to charge my crystals tonite. Thank you again , blessings.

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on January 30, 2019 at 11:52 pm

      Goodluck with your project Beth! crystal blessings

      1. Leslie on November 25, 2020 at 3:58 pm

        Thank you for the information Ashley. It came at a much needed time for me.

        1. Jolie Love and Light Support on December 1, 2020 at 3:12 pm

          Of course, so happy to hear that. <3 Crystal Blessings 🙂

  3. Lynn on February 25, 2019 at 12:18 am

    I have a fairly difficult background and will try to keep my response as short as possible. I have struggled with depression for most of my life, receiving medication therapy along with counseling by age 12. The medications didn’t feel like they did much, which I now understand why. At age 22, I discovered that my father has always had narcissistic personality disorder. Not the type that all people like to refer to when they state “ugh! My ex is such a narcissist!” There is a huge difference between true narcissism and being “self-centered.” I again began counseling for the manipulation and emotional/verbal/psychological abuse I grew to think was “normal” all my life. About a year after that, I began having my first memories of sexual and physical abuse-though all memories are a “tip of the tongue,” “body memories,” or simply just partial memories; this makes finding out the truth of my past very frustrating and intensifies the feeling of being “trapped” by it.
    Fast forward 6 years, and we have the “me” that is here today, reading this article after searching in google for a stone to help motivate me. I am married now with 2 “step” children (I hate referring to them by anything “less” than “my children”) and one child of my own with my husband. I’ve been a registered nurse with my bachelor’s degree in Nursing for a little over 7 years now. 6 of those years were spend in the Burn Unit (involved in the outpatient setting then moved to the ICU). I know I was given a purpose to help others see beyond what others see; to find freedom and love and joy within themselves, even in the event of traumatic life events and “disfigurement.” I see through people, to their souls, and it’s my desperate desire to nurture and heal them – I suppose in a similar way to what I wish I would have had when I was young.
    The difficulties come with an extremely stressful custody “battle,” which I always vowed to never be part of. But here I am, and I have had to adapt my beliefs based on a growing understanding that I can’t place people into a “cookie cutter” form every time it comes to a child being hurt. My husband is the most loving and wonderful father I have ever met. I can say that I never would have been able to marry if I had any doubts about what type of father he would be for my children someday.. and he proves it time and time again in the way he handles the conflict that originates with his ex-wife. We had 50/50 custody with the children until we moved (to make room for the new baby, and to allow the children to have a better school district, as our son was getting into fights and the socioeconomic status of that particular school and many in the district did not allow for children to be taught the coping mechanisms needed to have a successful life, especially for children struggling with conflict in a “blended” home that is constantly trying to be broken by their own mother). We gave proper notice, got her permission for the move and relocation, provided the recordings to the court, and yet were reduced to “visitors” without reason or explanation. The children’s behavior and development is suffering and I feel every single ounce of pain and frustration and anger and confusion from everyone around me; I have learned that I am an HSP personality. When the judgement first came out, we were shocked. Trial had gone very well and we had no reason to ever suspect a decrease in time sharing. I tried to get my shifts covered at work due to the stress and not acting “like myself.” I was forced to come in and ended up having a seizure and going unconscious onto the floor of the Burn Unit. I had never had a seizure before. I was set up to see a neurologist, but was fired by the hospital before my appointment, which violated their “leave agreement” they signed with me. This is now yet another case that was brought to the court via the EEOC. I next had a job at the other main hospital in my area. I was fired from this location when I began to notice that my manager there was double and triple billing patients for services that were never given. Before I was able to get a meeting with HR, I was fired. My intentions this whole time have been to think of others and has resulted in nothing but fire and brimstone on my family, our finances, and of course trickles into our marriage. I have had 4 seizures since then and have an appointment next week for an EEG so my brain waves can be monitored. I have so much guilt, so much hope that has been burnt to ash, and it is all I can do most days to get out of bed. I’ve become suicidal again, but am lucky that my husband had lost his job (for having to take off work when I had my second seizure-behind the wheel-and was being transported by ambulance to ER and could barely remember my name). He is able to talk me down when anxiety gets to me, but the depression never seems to let up. I have no “goals” because each and every goal ends up in horrible heartache. And I’m not exaggerating! Almost any intention or goal I make gets dissolved as though it was a salt-lick tossed violently into the middle of the ocean. Lost, and even if found, would be gone.
    I’ve signed up for your certification course. I recently began getting into crystals and stones and feel a deep hunger to know everything about them ALL. I want to be an expert. I have to know that perhaps this is the last hope for me to be able to find freedom and help others to find the same. Any and all support you have to give would be greatly appreciated. I’m so sorry to blast your comments with my long story. But perhaps someone else needs it.. or isn’t able to verbalize their own questions and need a comparison to say “well at least I’m not as bad off as that chick!” 🙂 Any stone recommendations would also be greatly greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

    1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on February 27, 2019 at 2:05 pm

      Wow thanks so much for sharing your story. Sending lots of love your way, crystal blessings <3

      1. Selena Mims on April 30, 2019 at 5:36 am

        Please remember that you’re truly amazing. The strength you carry is out of this world. Thanks for your story!

        1. Charlotte - Love & Light Support on April 30, 2019 at 10:26 pm

          Thanks so much Selena! crystal blessings

    2. Diana Ramirez on February 28, 2020 at 10:02 am

      Hello Lynn, I really identify with your life struggles. The feeling stuck and as if your path was being purposely blocked. How are things going for you now? Eouldvreally likevto hear from you. God bless you!

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