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Crystals for Grieving & LossGrief is a powerful force that can really throw you for a loop when you’re in the midst of it. The grieving process is different for everyone, and the amount of pain and sadness that accompanies it along with the time that will pass in the process are truly unpredictable. Crystal energy is  remarkably healing when it comes to grief, and several different crystals are known to help dull the sharp edges of pain and sadness that are so often associated with the grieving process.

Grief can touch our lives when we least expect it.  Grief can come from out of nowhere and crash into us with powerful force.  It affects each of us in different ways and can be difficult to identify (in ourselves or others) let alone cope with.  So how do we work through the difficulty that grieving and loss create?

First, let me say, that it’s not an easy process.  And typically, it’s not a quick process.  In many ways, grieving is about the passage of time and how we cope with loss in any form.  Loss doesn’t always come in the form of death. Loss may be the loss of a job, loss of a friendship or relationship, or sometimes of a physical object. All of these can cause us to grieve.

  • So how do we move forward?
  • How do we cope when we’re dealing with feelings of shock, sadness, anger, loneliness…
  • How do we heal?

The short answer is, there is no one right way to grieve.

Since we all grieve in different ways, there can’t be a quick fix answer to move through the hurt or pain of loss.  But, there are steps we can take to support ourselves through the grieving process to focus on self-care and slow healing.


Spirit Quartz and Pink Opal are some of the best all-round stones to help you work through your grief.  If you have experienced a loss of any type and don’t feel quite like yourself, but you’re having a difficult time putting your finger on exactly how it is you’ve been affected, these stones can work wonders.  It seems that they help soften the process so that we are better able to work through each area of the self that has been affected.

Blue Celestite and Heliodor (Golden Beryl) are amazing stones to help you work through your grief and overcome the obstacles that are associated with loss.  Their soft, gentle energy allows you to feel supported while dealing with your body’s physical and emotional responses to losing something important in your life.

Papagoite facilitates emotional release after loss for those who have difficulty connecting with or expressing their feelings.  If you have trouble allowing yourself to grieve, this may be a helpful crystal.

lithium cathedral

Lithium Quartz allows you to find emotional balance when anger and sadness overwhelm you during the grieving process.  It is not uncommon to let your emotions take control while you’re grieving. This sometimes results in an eruption of emotional energy.  This can make it difficult to connect with (or even speak to) others.  Lithium Quartz helps you find balance within yourself and allows for the healthy expression of these emotions after loss.

Tanzan Aura Quartz can offer a brief respite from the grieving process when it feels too overwhelming.  It can be difficult to go through even the most basic routine after suffering a loss in your life.  You may feel like you want to crawl into bed and never come back out. You may want to just take a long pause while you work through your grief.  Tanzan Aura Quartz allows for this pause and inner reflection. It provides insight on the best way to move forward in life, while still giving you the space necessary to heal and reflect.

To use these crystals for grieving simply carry them with you as a sort of touch stone. They act as a reminder that you’re supported during this process. You have permission to work through this loss as you’re able to, without judgement or pressure.


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Crystals for Grieving and Coping with Loss
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Crystals for Grieving and Coping with Loss
How are we supposed to work through the difficulty that grieving and loss creates? It is not an easy or fast process, and there is no right way to do it. In saying that, we can use crystals for grieving to help us through difficult times and support the process with their healing energy.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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