Immune-Boosting Crystal GridIt’s getting close to cold & flu season and if you’re concerned about sniffles and coughs slowing you down this winter, then you may want to try out this awesome crystal grid recipe for boosting your immune system.


There are lots of things we all try to do on a physical level to prevent cold and flu, like washing our hands (lots), eating healthy (plenty of fruits and veggies), getting plenty of rest (at least 7 or 8 hours), and loading up on Vitamin C (these are my FAVORITE!).  These are the basis, but to add some extra oomph to your preventative plan, you should be sure to support yourself energetically as well as physically.  This Immune-Boosting Crystal Grid is the perfect way to create a subtle background energy to enhance the energy of your immune system.  You can create the grid any time, and once you’ve activated it, you can leave it up all season to support your health.

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  • This crystal grid recipe calls for a Quartz crystal generator in the center of the grid to amplify the energy of the supporting stones.  This will enhance their immune-supporting, germ-fighting energy while also increasing the energy output from the grid.
  • The Quartz crystal is surrounded by 6 tumbled Unakite stones.  Unakite is a work-horse for supporting your physical health.  As an added bonus, Unakite contains Epidote (the green portion of the stone) which works to reduce stress.  Stress leads to fatigue which can lead to illness, so Unakite works to support not only for your physical health, but for your mental health as well.
  • Finally, this crystal grid recipe calls for 6 tumbled Carnelian stones.  Carnelian packs a powerful punch of energy and is great for stimulating vitality.  It more or less charges you up to your peak energy level, keeping your healthy and supported.  It’s also a great stone for grounding, so it allows you to stay in touch with the physical, which is SUPER important for staying healthy and fighting off colds and flu.

After placing all of your crystals according to the image above, you should activate your crystal grid.  Check out this video for a demonstration of activation.  It is important to hold your intention of health and immune system support while performing the activation..remember, crystals works wonders on their own, but when combined with the power of our intention, they’re unstoppable!




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Conquer Cold and Flu with this Immune-Boosting Crystal Grid
Article Name
Conquer Cold and Flu with this Immune-Boosting Crystal Grid
It's getting close to cold & flu season and if you're concerned about sniffles and coughs slowing you down this winter, then you may want to try out this awesome immune-boosting crystal grid recipe.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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