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Card Reading

Hi everyone and welcome. Today, I have the pleasure of re-interviewing the amazing Dana Whitby about card reading. Dana has been on the podcast before so you can go back and check out that previous episode because she always has so much to share. 



Thank you so much for being here with us today again!

Dana: Thank you so much for having me, Ashley.

Ashley: So for those of you who remember Dana, you probably recall that she is the host of the Soul Rising Podcast, which is one of my faves. It is so worth binge listening to, so if you are in quarantine and you need something to do, the Soul Rising Podcast is so so perfect.

I was wondering if you could tell everybody a little bit about your journey? You have so many roles in your work as an empath and a Healer.

Dana: Yes, thank you so much, Ashley. First of all, I am just so excited to be here. I love spending time with you Ashley.

So, I began my podcast journey almost two years ago, and this really was born out of a spiritual awakening that I had a few years prior. I started going down this path of wanting to heal myself and searching out different healing modalities. I had become certified in regression and hypnosis as well as Reiki — I am also just interested in any homeo-healing modality that comes my way.

My podcast is really a way to share what I have learned and the different ways that we can find to heal, because they are absolutely endless.

I want to share them with my listeners to help ignite a passion for someone along that path. It has always been born out of wanting to heal myself and that goes way back into my childhood. I have a degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in counseling. So those are kind of my more mainstream modalities that started me on this path.

Eventually though that really dovetailed into a spiritual awakening that opened up so much more. So now I offer intuitive one-on-one Oracle readings and custom meditations. These really help my listeners deepen their practice with getting in touch with themselves, what is going on for them right now, and how to take their healing to a deeper level.

Ashley: I think this is really cool because you have kind of created this podcast from your own journey taking others along the ride with you. You are like, come along with me as I discover all these things about healing and about myself, and about how we fit into the world. And now you are doing some more one-on-one kind of heart-level connections with people. You’re getting to go a little bit deeper into the individual journeys and stories of each person.

I’m wondering, how did this really come about for you? What was the driving factor behind deciding to incorporate readings into the healing work that you do?

Could you also share a little bit about how that journey has evolved? I know there are so many of you listening or reading who want to do this kind of work. Dana is so courageous to really get going with it and do it. So Dana, we would love to hear that story.

Dana: Yes. It really began almost five years ago. I went to a medium and at that time I was open to spiritual topics, but I did not know much about them. I knew I wanted to go to someone who would not just connect me with my dead grandmother, I wanted guidance. Because I felt so lost in my life and she gave me this beautiful reading and basically said to me you are an intuitive and you are not using your abilities and I just was so floored.

I had this feeling like, “Who, me?” I did not think I was anything special at that point in my life. That was really how I felt about myself. So that really pushed me to start looking into my own intuition and to think, “Okay, well, if really everyone has intuition, how does it show up for me? What are my abilities? What can I do?” and so the medium that I saw began teaching intuitive listening courses. I was among her very first cohort in her class to take her intuitive listening class, and I really learned that I am able to know things about people without having any prior knowledge of them.

At this point I started tapping into my own intuition by slowly doing readings for other people.

I would do it for free for friends to kind of keep up my intuitive practice. Recently, I just had this download and just thought that I could be doing so much more. This podcast was a big leap in itself and I think for a while I felt like, “Well I did that. That was so brave.” I do not really need to do anything else but there is always like the next level. There is always the next thing that we can do.

I had spent some time with my guides in meditation and I just really felt pulled to do more. So, I started with my Oracle one-on-one readings and I used my intuition as well. I like to tap into my intuition first. I do not want to ever just rely on the cards all by themselves. So, I get an intuitive message and then I bring in the cards to kind of affirm that and validate it and add more layers on top. So I continued to use my intuition throughout. That is kind of where they started and how they are evolving. I believe everything is a living thing and so I am open for these to evolve even more and I believe they will in the future.

Ashley: For most people, I think, when they hear that they think, “Oh my gosh, that is so brave and courageous,” because it is still a big leap.

Do you think that doing those readings, for friends and people that were in your class with you, did that help build your confidence in yourself?

How did you get to that point where you really felt comfortable and confident and really trust in your intuitive abilities? Because I know that is where a lot of people get hung up. Is there anything really special that helped you along the way in your journey to beginning to trust that inner knowing a little bit more?

Dana: I love that question. I think that is great. And I think it is taking little baby steps. So, like I said at first I only reached out to people who I knew were open to this. I did it in a comfortable space. I was not talking to a stranger in the grocery store line. Because I was not ready for that. So, I would offer a reading to a friend who was maybe struggling and ask her for three questions. Three things that you are struggling with in your life and that you’d love some intuitive answers on.

I started there and it was like whatever I got I kept it really simple and I think the key was honoring that first knee-jerk reaction. Oftentimes, Spirit speaks to us immediately and if we wobble back and forth and think, “Oh my gosh was that the Spirit, was that my ego?” it goes away. So, you have to just trust your first knee-jerk message that you get and give it to the person and allow them to interpret it. Take the pressure off yourself.

You do not have to figure out what every piece of information means in someone’s life. You can just present them with it and they can let you know how it applies.

I also do it in an environment that feels safe to me. So I make myself feel safe in doing something that is brave and scary. I will create a recording and send it to the person. I set up my candles and my crystals and can be in my own space without anyone around. So I find that I really get the most clear answers that way when I take the pressure off. You can make this as comfortable as you want and slowly step out of those boundaries that you have built for yourself when you feel ready.

Ashley: There is so much richness in everything that you just said. Some of the bits are just like treasures.

Dana: Thank you.

Ashley: So first, can we talk about your advice to just let that very first thing that spirit says to you to guide you.

I mean every time I have ever done the flip-floppy thing in my own mind, I lose it. In fact, I actually had that exact experience this morning. I had a really deep, powerful dream, and I was laying in my bed before I even got up with my eyes closed, still thinking about everything that was happening. As soon as my ego-mind stepped in and said, “Well was that really what that meant?” It was lost.

That is one of those constant things we need to kind of be aware of and mindful of as we go forward. But you are right — when I am in that element doing readings or I see other readers who are really phenomenal at what they do, it is because they trust that first thing they were given.

Something else I want to discuss that you mentioned is that the cards for you are not the end-all be-all. They are a tool that assists and facilitates your own intuitive gift, which I think is very important.

We always need to put intuition first no matter what tools we are working with. And then, this whole idea of taking the pressure off of yourself by not worrying about also being the Interpreter. You are bringing the message, and you can only give so much because you are not in that person’s shoes. You do not know every little nuance aspect of their life. But you can just share your message from the heart. I think that is so powerful for taking some of that pressure off. Also for making us feel like we do not have to figure everything out for that person.

We do not have to take the reins and be in charge of their life. That is also just very much not our job. And I think that it kind of speaks to the second part of what you were saying. Which is, it really empowers that person to take that information and do with it what they will and it empowers their own healing journey. So, speaking to that, I know when we were chatting before we got started in part of this work to not only be of service and provide information through readings. But to take it a little bit deeper to help that person integrate what they have learned and become empowered.

You are also doing something really special with some customized and individual guided meditations for your reading clients, and I would love to hear more about that.

Dana: Yes, sure. So to respond to what you said, thank you for acknowledging all those things. A lot of that comes from my psychology and my counseling background. We are taught that we cannot fix anything for anyone else. I just have to underline that again because I believe that so many of us who are empathic and who are healers, we want to see other people succeed and heal and feel better. But it is not our responsibility. All we can do is give them the tools, and the love, and the space. I love that you highlighted that because that is all we can do.

Ashley: Yes, so much praise for that.

Dana: Yes. Take yourself off the hook. They have to do their own work. You are just there to help. Yes, I started offering custom meditations to go along with these readings. The purpose is because when something comes up in one of my readings, you can feel like, “Well, how do I handle this or how do I take this a step deeper? How do I work on this?” And so I created meditations. They are totally custom to the person that I read for and we work on something that came up in the session. Then we take it a little deeper.

When I create a guided meditation, it is with affirmations that go along with what you are supposed to be working towards according to Spirit.

If you are trying to work on self-love, we might have a 10 minute meditation where you repeat some really strong affirmations after me. That can be something that you incorporate into your daily routine, and your daily practice. It will really take those things that have come up from Spirit, and to give them a home in your life, and to create a routine and structure so that you are really able to work on that, and not just feel like you got the information, and that you do not know what to do with it. So, it is really a tool.

Ashely: Yes, you are shining the light on something that needs their attention through reading. There is this illumination portion. Then there is also this inspired and empowered action that happens afterward. There is exactly like you said, that tool that allows them to really move forward and to carve out some space to address this.

I own a new-age store here in Madison, Wisconsin. We have three or four, depending on the week, readers that work out of our space. I see a lot of different types of clients. Some come and they get the information and I think everyone processes it a little bit differently, right? Some people want to move through things quickly, other people need to sit with things a little bit. There is no right or wrong to that.

The one type of client that I see that is always a little bit heartbreaking are the people that come and they get that information, that illumination, that guidance, and then they do not do anything with it.

There are no changes. And maybe they come back six months later, have another reading, and it is the same message, because nothing has been done. But you are really providing the tools to help people work through whatever is present for them. So, especially given your background, do you think that is a big part of what has informed this process for you?

How have you seen the response for people when they are guarded?

Is there anything that you have seen that has been a really positive breakthrough? Because I think this is such a beautiful combination of modalities.

Dana: Yes, I love this question. I have a client and a friend who I really started working on her relationship with her family. She is a mother and she is busy. She is trying to do all the things and gets very overwhelmed. So, our session together really kind of shone a light on how she can elevate herself a bit more and take care of herself while still loving her children and her husband. That it does not have to be two separate things. That taking care of herself as a wife and a mom does not mean that you do not care for your family but you can have both.

So, I created a loving kindness meditation for her. She gave me the name of her husband and her children. I built their names into that meditation. We pictured each child in their own turn and she pictured sending them love and receiving that love from them as well, and sending herself love and receiving that. That meditation really has helped her to find some peace and some clarity around allowing herself to receive and give love and know that it is okay. And to build time and space for that.

That is just one example of some of the people that I have worked with, but I really find that it is all in committing to making a change and to using the meditation.

Just like you said with the people in your shop, even if I hand you this beautiful reading and meditation tool, you have to still use it. It is like anything else. It is all in what you put in.


Ashley: So perfect. Dana I have to ask before we wrap up. Is there any piece of advice or little bit of wisdom that you would share with an intuitive or empath who is out there right now listening or watching, who is feeling so inspired by this conversation and wants to take that next step into being of service and doing readings for other people professionally?


Dana: Yes!

I think the biggest thing that I would love for anyone listening or reading this is to remember that there are clients out there who match with you vibrationally.

There are people out there who need and want your services, and they would not have access if you do not bring it to them. This world really needs you to bring what you have to the table, no matter how scared you might be. I understand. I still feel that way all the time. But the people who need your help cannot access it if you do not bring it to us. So, please share with the world. I will support you. I know Ashley will support you. There is such a beautiful community of healers in the world right now and I believe that we can all lift each other up. So you are not alone.

Ashley: Beautiful, Dana. Thank you so much.

I am wondering if you can just wrap up by telling everybody where they can find your podcast and how they can stay connected with you online?

Dana: Absolutely. So my website is You can find my one-on-one intuitive Oracle readings there and my custom meditations. You can purchase them separately. They do not have to go together. And then you can find me on Instagram at the_soulrisingpodcast and on Facebook at The Soul Rising Podcast. I look forward to connecting with you.

Ashley: Amazing, Dana Whitby. Thank you again so so much for being here with us today and for shining your light.

Dana: Thank you so much Ashley for having me. It is an honor.

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Card Reading from the Heart: An Interview with Dana Whitby (Host of the Soul Rising Podcast)
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Card Reading from the Heart: An Interview with Dana Whitby (Host of the Soul Rising Podcast)
Today I am talking about card reading with the amazing Dana Whitby, host of one of my favourites - the Soul Rising Podcast.
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8 responses to “Card Reading from the Heart: An Interview with Dana Whitby (Host of the Soul Rising Podcast)

  1. Nobuyo R. on December 2, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    Again, another great interview, Ashley! Everything said here was exactly what I need to hear today. I have bookmarked many of your guests’ websites. It is amazing you connect with these fantastic individuals and share your connection with us.

    1. Jolie Love and Light Support on December 8, 2020 at 4:22 pm

      Thank you so much! So wonderful to hear you enjoyed it. 🙂 I appreciate you saying that, it’s something I love to do! <3 Crystal Blessings

    2. Dana on January 22, 2021 at 4:57 pm

      Hi Nobuyo!
      Thank you so much for listening, and for taking the time to give us feedback. I appreciate it more than you know!
      Sending love,

  2. Jess Brackeen on December 2, 2020 at 4:46 pm

    I loved this so much! Thank you! I really needed this today. I love the idea of following that initial voice the first time you hear it. I often secound guess myself! Thank you thank you Ashley & Dana! Inspiring as always!

    1. Jolie Love and Light Support on December 8, 2020 at 4:31 pm

      Absolutely! I’m glad, I think it’s an important thing to remember. <3 Thank you for being here! Crystal Blessings 🙂

    2. Dana on January 22, 2021 at 4:56 pm

      Hi Jess!
      I am so glad this message resonated with you. It is supremely important that we follow our initial gut reactions.
      Sending you love!

  3. Lorraine on December 4, 2020 at 1:22 am

    I loved this interview. I found Dana Whitby to be incredibly inspiring! I just wanted to jump up & wake up everyone in the house to do their card readings. I will definitely be following her ????

    1. Dana on January 22, 2021 at 4:55 pm

      Lorraine, thank you so much! This means the world to me. I’m so grateful that you listened!
      sending love,

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