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As a lover of crystals and metaphysical shop owner, people often turn to me for the best places to buy crystals online. Simplify your stone-sourcing and ensure you are buying high-quality, natural crystals with this roundup of the best places to buy crystals online!

  Although we do sell a TON of stones at Mimosa (my shop), I wanted to put together a list of the absolute best places to buy crystals online since I’m not always able to carry everything an avid crystal collector may be searching for.

I’ve compiled the following list from my favorite sources to purchase crystals for myself, along with recommendations from my students and colleagues.

  The goal of this list is to represent trusted vendors who offer quality stones at reasonable prices. Most of what these shops offer is wonderful, but it’s always a good idea to be educated about what you’re purchasing to avoid getting something that’s not quite what you wanted (like a heated, dyed, artificially irradiated, mis-identified, or fake stones).  

Check out this video I made about the best places to buy crystals online:



Best places to buy crystals online: (listed in alphabetical order)


Afro Mystic (Black-Owned and Ethically-Sourced)
Agev Co. (Black-Owned)
All of the Ologies (Black-Owned)
Amazing Crystals (South Africa)


Bashique Healing Arts
Bella’s Handmade Treasures (South Africa)
Beyond Bohemian (Wholesale & Retail Available – Ethically-Sourced)
Bliss Crystals
B.serene (BIPOC-Owned)


Chakra Zulu Crystals (Black-Owned)
Chi’s Aura Crystals (Black-Owned)
Cinta Soul (Black-Owned)
Coven Crystals (Black-Owned)
Coya’s Crystals (Black-Owned)
Crystal Age
Crystal Buddha (Ethically-Sourced and Fair Trade)
Crystal Council
Crystal Cure
Crystal Gaia (BIPOC-Owned)
Crystal Grids
Buy Crystals Online
Crystal Guidance
Crystal Kismet
Crystal Man (Canada)
Crystal Metamorphosis Healing (Italy)
Crystal Rockin’ Mineral Shop (Ethically-Sourced)
Crystal Spirits (South Africa)
Crystal Vaults
Crystal Visions (Australia) (Ethically-Sourced)


Dragon Moon Crystals & Gifts (Canada)


Earth Family Crystals
Empress Energy Healing
Energy Muse
Enter the Earth
Exquisite Crystals


Goddess Enchantments
Gold Soul Treasure Room (Black-Owned)


Hands of Spirit
Happy Soul Toronto
Healing Crystals


Kacha Stones (Ethically-Sourced)
Karma Bliss (Black-Owned)
Kemetic Decor (Black-Owned)
KSC Crystals


Lalus Roots N Conjure (Black-Owned)
Lotus (ilovelotus)
Love Light Gem Shop (Black-Owned)
Love & Light Jewels (Black-Owned)
Lunar Fae Shop


Madagascar Minerals
Melanated Minerals (Black-Owned)

Mimosa Books & Gifts (This is my shop!)

  Mimosa Spirit Shop - Buy Crystals online
Mineraliengrosshandle Hausen (Germany)
Moon Mountain Gems
Moon Soul Magic
Moonrise Crystals (Ethically-Sourced)
Moon Water Crystals (Black-Owned)
My Moon and Stars Crystals and Stones (Black-Owned) (Los Angeles, CA Pop-Up Shop)


New Era Gems (Retail and Wholesale)
Nharo! (Retail and Wholesale – Ethically-Sourced)


Of Earth and Water Boutique (Black-Owned)
The Other Side of the Sun


Peace Love Crystals (Australia)
Pelham-Grayson, Inc.


Queendom Cultivation (Black-Owned)


Rare Earth Crystals (South Africa)
Raven and Crone
RawPeacesDesign | Etsy
Rincon Trading
Rock and Mineral Shop
Rock and Quartz (United Kingdom) (Ethically-Sourced)
Rock Shop CZ (Czech Republic)


Sacred Earth Stones (Black-Owned)
Sage and Aura
Sankofa Living (Black-Owned)
Serenity Energyworks
Seven Gem Shop (Black-Owned)
Shamans Crystal
  buy crystals online
Solar Moon Quartz (BIPOC-Owned)
Song of Stones
Soul Gifted Life (Black-Owned)
Soul Work with Sydd (Black-Owned)
Soulful Crystals (United Kingdom)
    buy crystals online
Stardust Sage (Black-Owned)
Stitches and Stones KC


Taitopics (Black-Owned) (Jamaica)
Treasures of the Earth (Retail and Wholesale)
The Forged Element


Unicorn Manor (Australia)
Unreal Earth (United Kingdom)


Wild Moon Crystals (Black-Owned)


Zulu Moon Market (Black-Owned)

I hope this little list helps you find the crystal treasures you’re seeking… enjoy this list of the best places to buy crystals online (and don’t forget to bookmark this page!).

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The Best Places to Buy Crystals Online
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The Best Places to Buy Crystals Online
As a lover of crystals, people often turn to me for the best sources for buying crystals. Here are the 41 absolute best places to buy crystals online.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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