4 Commonly Mis-Diagnosed Illnesses & How to Support Them with Healing Crystals

Medical experts agree that thyroid conditions seem to be on the rise. The causes, although still uncertain for sure, are thought to be linked to a variety of triggers such as environmental toxins and pollution, an increase in auto-immune diseases, radiation exposure, an increase in viral and bacterial illnesses linked to thyroid disease, smoking, gluten … Read More

Birthstones Exposed: Uncovering the Truth Behind Crystals & The Zodiac

People have been wearing and using Zodiac stones and birthstones for thousands of years. In modern day, we often use these terms interchangeably, but they actually have very different origins and meanings. Birthstones are gemstones (both precious and semi-precious) that are assigned to a specific month. Our modern list of birthstones was created by the … Read More