Renewal…Rejuvenating the Soul through Art

February has been an amazing month for me. To keep with my commitment (to myself) to create a word-board to celebrate each month, I finally created my February art piece. “Renewal” seemed to sum up my month. I feel like I’ve closed the door on some old projects, making room for new things now that … Read More

Actualizing Your Dreams with a Crystal Vision Board

As a follow-up to my monthly mini Vision Boards, I decided to make a year-long Dream Board (full of my dreams, hopes, wishes, and goals for the upcoming year). It was a blast to create and I can already tell that it is going to help me exceed my goals for the year (and add … Read More

Enter the Heart of the Earth & Experience Bliss with Pink Samadhi Quartz

Experience Bliss… Before I left for the Tucson Gem Show this year, one of my amazing crystal teachers, Akeeya, channeled a message that I was to look for the special Pink Quartz. She said I would know it was the right thing because I would find a phantom in one of the crystals. This happened … Read More

Using Black Tourmaline Formations for Mind-Blowing Crystal Protection

Black Tourmaline comes in a few different formations. Some of the crystals have striations on their surfaces, others are double-terminated, some are just rough chunks, and some form very high-quality, delicate crystals. The striated crystals (usually originating from Brazil) are great for speeding things up (like manifesting, karmic cycles, and more) and for enhancing the … Read More