Crystals for Shamanic JourneyingShamanic Journeying can be a very healing experience. However, you must be sure that your etheric body (your astral body) is properly guided and protected during the journey. Elestial Smoky Quartz crystals are excellent stones for shamanic journey work.


Elestial Crystals are also known as Heavenly Crystals, Jacare Crystals, Skeletal Crystals, Alligator Crystals, or Crocodile Crystals. They can be identified by small crystals growing on the faces and sides of larger crystals. They also grow on crystal clusters where all of the smaller crystals are growing parallel to the main crystal. These crystals have a very ethereal energy and are great for enhancing things like meditation, shamanic journeying, and astral travel. These crystals are sometimes thought of as the “bones of the earth”.

Elestial crystals form in very soft clay or mud. Some are even thought to form underwater. Because they form in soft material, they are able to form complete crystals. This means that they are double terminated. As they are forming, the crystals push their way through the soft clay or mud and form a termination on either end. They also form many small terminations on the body of the crystal. Because they are complete crystals, they are great at moving energy throughout the energy field.

Smoky Quartz helps to keep you grounded and connected to your physical body while your astral body is exploring.

When doing a journey, your energy body is more vulnerable to outside influences. This is because your energetic field isn’t within and around our physical body. During a shamanic journey, your ethereal body is traveling without the protection offered by the physical body. However, Smoky Quartz can help keep your etheric body attached to your physical body.

The combination of the Elestial formation (which facilitates journey work) and the Smoky Quartz (which keeps you protected and connected to your physical body) makes these ideal stones to use for shamanic journey work. If you do encounter something negative or uncomfortable while you are in the astral plane, the Elestial Smoky Quartz acts as an instant connection to your physical body. It will guide you gently back to the place in which you can be safe, grounded, and secure.

If you are journeying, you should be sure that you are in a very safe, protected space (preferably a space that is sacred to you) with someone watching over your journey.

This person should keep an eye on your energy body and hold the space for you while you’re in the astral plane. When journeying with someone who is holding space for you, it may not be necessary to use the crystals for protection and grounding. However, they can still act as an ally for comfort and support. When using a stone for grounding and protection, you might not be able to go as deep into the journey as you would without the grounding stone. However, the stone will strengthen the connection between your physical and ethic bodies. This will make it easier to return to the physical plane when needed.

Smoky Quartz is also good for removing negative energy from your auric field. If you do encounter something unpleasant in the astral plane, you can use your crystal to help clear your field upon your return to the physical plane. To clear your field of unwanted energy, you should hold the crystal in your dominant hand and make small, counter-clockwise rotations. Start close into the body, getting bigger while pulling the crystal out away from the body.

Similarly, you can place the stone anywhere on the body and intend that the negative energy flow out of the crystal termination. Be sure to cleanse your stones thoroughly after using them for this purpose.



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Greatest Crystals for Shamanic Journeying: Elestial Smoky Quartz
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Greatest Crystals for Shamanic Journeying: Elestial Smoky Quartz
Shamanic Journeying can be a very healing experience, but you must be sure that your etheric body (your astral body) is properly guided and protected during the journey. Elestial Smoky Quartz crystals are excellent crystals for shamanic journeying.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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