Using Crystal Pendulums: Dowsing for Wisdom & Energy Reading

A pendulum is a tool that is held between your thumb and index finger and consists of any sacred object such as a crystal, a key, or a ring, which is suspended from a piece of cord or string. I personally prefer crystal pendulums or those that combine crystals with metals.  My absolute favorite is … Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Pendulum? – The Surprising Truth about Pendulum Dowsing

Article by Mimosa’s own Kelly Mahieu (Click Here to visit Kelly’s website) If you’ve ever admired a sparkling display of pendulums in a new-age shop before, you probably noticed that there were many different shapes, colors, and baubles that comprised them – not to mention a variety of materials such as crystals, metal, and wood, too. The uniqueness … Read More

Crystal Divination: Three Techniques for Insight & Healing

Humans have been practicing the art of divination for thousands of years. Practicing the art of divination allows you to communicate with and to receive guidance from the divine. Be it from spirit guides, angels, totems, ancestors, or some other higher power, these insights actually come from within the self. Divinatory tools are just means … Read More

Pendulums for Beginners: 6 Helpful Tips for Successful Dowsing

ARTICLE BY MIMOSA’S OWN KELLY MAHIEU (CLICK HERE TO VISIT KELLY’S WEBSITE) Although the art of dowsing has been in practice for ages, there are many people who have never even heard of it. Many of Mimosa’s customers are familiar with pendulums, but it’s still not uncommon for a curious shopper to approach the counter every once in a … Read More