Ashley Leavy Interviewed about Crystal Healing on Genie in a Body (February 16, 2012)

Crystal Healer Ashley Leavy talks about the effects of Healing Crystals on body, mind and soul.¬†For more information about Genie in a Body, please visit¬†// Adina: Ashley, I’m so happy to have you today. Ashley: Well, thank you for inviting me. Adina: Awesome! I’m so excited to learn more about healing crystals today with you. … Read More

Lapis Lazuli: Stone of Heaven

Lapis Lazuli is a rock composed of Lazurite with Calcite and traces of Pyrite. The combination of these three minerals makes for a very unique energetic vibration. Lapis can be used quite effectively at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra) or at the 6th Chakra (Third Eye/Brow Chakra) by simply placing the stone on either Chakra … Read More

Treating the Kundalini & Meridians with Healing Crystals

Meridians are energetic channels found in your etheric body. This system of channels is thought to transport your life force energy (chi/qi or prana) throughout the body. Since the meridians are all connected, energetic blockages are often easily detectable upon assessment of the physical body. If you are experiencing a physical illness or ailment in … Read More

Healing with the Power of Aura Quartz

Although Aura Quartzes are a relatively new item in the world of crystals, they have already started quite a controversy because they are created through an artificial process. It is my goal in sharing the following information to educate, entertain, inform, and intrigue you in regard to the alluring world of Aura crystals. Because the … Read More