Crystals for Kids: Teaching Children about Crystal Energy for Healing & More

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Crystals for Kids - Tips and Tricks to Teach Your Children About Crystals

These young spiritual explorers always head straight for our large table of sparkly stones.

Teaching kids about crystal energy at a young age can be immensely helpful in nurturing their connection with crystal energy, but how can you explain some of the difficult concepts of healing and energy to a young mind?

Below are some simple ways to explain crystal healing to the children in your life, as well as some fun exercises to help them build their confidence when using stones of their own.

How are Crystals Formed?

  • Some crystals started forming millions of years ago, but new crystals are forming all the time!
  • Deep in the earth, liquid combines with gas under great heat and pressure to form crystals.

Crystal History:

  • Crystals have been used in every major culture for their power and energy.
  • Ancient peoples used them for protection, good luck, dreaming, and more.
  • In modern times, people learned to use the power of crystals in watches and computers.

 The Parts of a Crystal:

  • Crystals for Kids - The Parts of a CrystalMost crystals have edges (the sides of the crystal) and a termination (the point or tip of a crystal).
  • Positive energy can move out of crystals to help us, especially through the point.
  • Some crystals just have one point (so the energy moves in one direction), but some crystals have two, three, or many points from which the energy moves.

What Can Crystals do?

1) AmplifyCrystals can make things stronger (especially our thoughts and feelings).

  • Try It Out with Kids: Sit where you are right now and think about things that make you happy.  Now, pick up your crystal and think about your happy thought again.  Do you feel even happier when you’re holding the crystal?  This is because the crystal is amplifying your happy feeling!

2) Store:  Crystals can hold energy for us to use later on when we need it.  A special type of energy storage in crystals is called charging.  This stored energy will stay inside the crystal until you want to use it.  When you are ready to use the crystal’s stored energy, just hold the crystal over your heart and say, “Please share your energy with me.”

  • Try It Out with Kids: When you get home, place your crystal on your windowsill where it will be in the light from the moon or the sun.  Leave the crystal there to charge.  The next day, pick up the crystal and see if you can feel the energy it has stored from the sun or the moon.  The sun’s energy might feel very warm and happy.  The moon’s energy might feel very cool and calming.  How do you feel?  Can you feel the energy the crystal has shared with you?

3) Transfer: Crystals can be used to send energy (healing, happy thoughts, or love) to other people.

  • Try It Out with Kids: Hold a Quartz crystal point on your forehead with the termination (or point) sticking straight out from your body (like a unicorn horn).  Think about love and joy and fill your heart with happy thoughts.  Try to send these thoughts to someone near you and see if they can feel them!

Choosing a Crystal:

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Kids about Choosing a CrystalChoose a crystal you are attracted to (the crystal might seem very pretty to you…it might even seem like it is winking at you or that it is trying to get your attention). When you have found a crystal that you like, you should hold it in your hand and try to feel its energy.

  • Try It Out with Kids: Put all of your crystals out in front of you.  Which one wants to be with you today?  When you pick up your special crystal, how does it make you feel?  Do you feel happy?  Do you feel calm?  Does your hand feel warm or even tingly?

Cleansing Your Crystals:

Since crystals can store energy, it is important to keep them clean so that they are full of only happy thoughts and feelings.  This should be done about once per week.

  • Try It Out with Kids: To cleanse your crystal, hold it in your hands and blow on the crystal 3 times.  Imagine that your breath is like tiny bath bubbles scrubbing the crystal clean.

Tuning Into Your Crystals to Feel Their Energy:

  • Try It Out with Kids: Hold your crystal in your hands.  Where do you feel the energy in your body?  Do you feel hot or cold?  Do you feel calm?  Or happy?  Or excited?  Now hold your crystal up to your forehead.  Imagine that the crystal is telling you a story.  What do you see and hear?  How does the crystal make you feel?

Programming Your Crystals:

Programming means putting your positive energy or intention into your crystal.  It is like filling your crystal with happy thoughts. Programming makes the energy of your crystal stronger. You can program your crystal for any purpose (happiness, safety, luck, healing, protection, etc.).

  • Try It Out with Kids:  Hold your crystal to your forehead or over your heart.  Imagine sending happy thoughts (for luck or protection or whatever you like) to the person who you want to help (even yourself!).  Then, tell your crystal, “You are programmed with energy to help __________ (the person’s name).”  The program will be locked inside your crystal until you want to fill it with a new type of thought or energy.

Meditation (Quiet Time) with Crystals:

Having quiet time with your special crystal can help your stone to share its energy with you.

Teaching Kids about Crystals & Meditation

  • Try It Out with Kids: Hold your crystal in your hands or over your heart.  Imagine your crystal growing bigger and bigger until it is as big as a house!  Imagine a tiny doorway that you crawl through until you are inside your crystal house.  Look around at the inside of your crystal.  What do you see?  What color is your crystal house?  Imagine feeling the floor and the walls.  How do they feel?  Listen very carefully.  What do you hear inside your crystal?  Do you hear any sounds at all?  Do you hear your favorite music?  What does your crystal house smell like?  Does it smell like flowers or freshly-baked cookies?  Imagine a big comfy chair inside your crystal house.  Sit on the chair and have some quiet time inside of your crystal house.  Feel the peaceful energy all around you.  The longer you sit inside of your crystal, the happier you become.  When you are very calm and happy, imagine crawling back through the door of your crystal house and back into where you are sitting right now.  If you would like, you can draw a picture of your crystal house so that you can remember how happy and cal it made you feel.  Remember, you can imagine that you are inside your crystal house any time that you want to feel calm and happy.

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Crystals for Kids: Teaching Children about Crystal Energy for Healing & More - Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy


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  1. Cathy Stephenson on October 22, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Up until about a month ago my grandchildren, son and daughter in law lived with me. When the kids would get upset for any reason, all I had to do was take them into see MiMi’s rock collection and immediately all was right with the world!!!

    1. Jolie Love and Light Support on October 22, 2020 at 3:10 pm

      That’s so wonderful! I’m happy you got to share in that excitement with them. 🙂 Crystal Blessings!

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    Kids love rocks is a great starter crystal kit (lol) for kids!

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