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Grounding with Moss AgateSpring signifies the end of cold, dark days bringing with it much-anticipated beauty and light. Whenever spring rolls around you see movement and color, and everything seems fresh and new again. When you really think about it, don’t you get the urge to really connect with Earth and her inhabitants (animals and nature spirits!)? If the vision itself isn’t enough, I know of a crystal that’s sure to inspire you this spring – Moss Agate!

Picture this: You’ve been noticing the air feeling a little warmer each day for several weeks now. You can tell spring is coming and the excitement is building as you await the first truly gorgeous spring day…

You wake up one morning and step outside to take your morning walk. To your delight, you hear birds chirping and chattering, the warm sun on your face feels like a gift from the universe, and you see that your spring bulbs have started to pop-up out of the soil.

Are you there in your mind? Can you hear the birds and feel the warm sun? Great! That feeling you have right now is exactly how I feel when I am holding a piece of Moss Agate! That’s why I think it makes the perfect crystal companion for the spring season.

Moss Agate has long been treasured for its resonance with the natural world. Following are three ways that you can use Moss Agate to re-connect with nature during the spring season (or any time!).

Step #1 to a Spectacular Spring: Grounding with Moss Agate – Connect to the Earth’s Energy

The best way to be aligned with earth energy is to be grounded. When you’re grounded and centered, you are free from negative thoughts and emotions. Worry, anger, anxiety, and fear are not aligned with your innermost self, so when you ground and center, you step into your natural state of happiness and joy and remove negative thoughts and emotions from your field. However, it is also your connection to earth energy, and not just the connection to your innermost self that can help to create joy in your life.

Grounding with Moss Agate is easy, just hold a piece in your receiving hand (your non-dominant hand) or intuitively choose a hand in which to hold your stone. Then, place your feet flat on the floor (ideally outside!) and take a deep breath in. Hold this breath for as long as it feels comfortable, and then slowly exhale. Focus on the soles of your feet and the connection they are making with the ground. Feel yourself become grounded on the earth plane. After a few moments take another deep inhalation, and breathe out forcefully to center yourself in your body.

Another way that some people may choose to tune in to earth energy is by connecting with nature spirits or fairy beings.

Some Moss Agate stones exhibit caverns of crystal druse. These crystals have a reputation for attracting fairies and other nature spirits. You may choose to place them around your garden or home to amp up the earth energy in your environment. I recommend placing them in the garden near plants that are traditionally associated with fairies like Oak trees or Foxglove flowers. Try tucking your stones casually under a lily of the Valley leaf or place them around a small pond.

Step #2 to a Spectacular Spring: Co-create with the Plant Kingdom – click here to check out Step #2!



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Connect to Earth Energy: Enjoy a Spectacular Spring Season with Moss Agate (Step 1 of 3)
Article Name
Connect to Earth Energy: Enjoy a Spectacular Spring Season with Moss Agate (Step 1 of 3)
If you're anything like me, you're holding out for those first few beautiful days of spring. The birds chirping, the flowers, the sun... that warm feeling you get during that time is the exact feeling I get when I am holding a piece of Moss Agate!
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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5 responses to “Connect to Earth Energy: Enjoy a Spectacular Spring Season with Moss Agate (Step 1 of 3)

  1. Site Comment on July 10, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    I love moss agates too! I acquired a beautiful ring many years ago. Few days ago found a wonderful piece of tree agate — been holding it a lot — must be Spring! The stones I used mostly for grounding are Black Tourmaline and a variegated red rock chunk I found in Sedona. Thanks for sharing your clip ~

    1. Site Comment on July 10, 2014 at 8:42 pm

      Sounds beautiful Fay! Thanks so much for sharing about the Black Tourmaline and the Sedona Rock (also called Sedona Vortex Stone). 🙂 Crystal blessings!

  2. Site Comment on July 10, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    I agree about the moss and tree moss agate they do have “bringing back to life feeling” that spring brings but this year I am finding that I am working with the. Urturing aspects of my Lemurian. As for grounding I LOVE tigers iron because it not only grounds its revitalizes 🙂 but if o had to pick from the other stones obsidian will anchor me the fastest

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