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Each year as we approach Imbolc, I feel something stirring within me, I’m not sure if it’s just the excitement and anticipation of Spring after a long, cold winter here in Wisconsin, or if there’s something more behind it. It’s a sort of yearning to reconnect with the land after spending so much time indoors. Even as I write this we’re in the midst of a big winter snowstorm, and thinking about the year’s first blooms, the sound of the birds, and the squelch of the ground beneath my feet after the spring thaw, all feel so far away.

Yet I can’t seem to pull my mind from thoughts of these things. The little signs that Spring is here always feel palpable. But between the awe of the winter wonderland I enjoy at Solstice and the first warm days when the world seems to come back alive, is one of my favorite holidays…Imbolc.

How to Celebrate Imbolc: Crystals, Rituals and Card Spread

Imbolc is the first of the cross-quarter days, and marks the very beginning of spring (the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox). A celebration of hearth and home, Imbolc is the perfect time to hold space for renewal, fertility, purification, rebirth, hope, growth, planning, and new beginnings. Imbolc is also when you release what no longer serves you, shedding darker days behind to make room for new growth.

To share some inspiration with you this season, I’ve rounded up the following useful resources about how to celebrate Imbolc:


How to Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc & the Wheel of the Year Article:

This article delves into the significance of Imbolc, a celebration in the Wheel of the Year marking the transition from winter to spring. The Wheel of the Year, representing the cycles of light and dark, is a tool for connecting with natural cycles and understanding personal growth. Imbolc, celebrated on February 1st, signifies the first hint of spring. Energies associated with Imbolc are renewal, fertility, purification, and new beginnings. The article provides insights into the traditions, symbols, and deities linked to Imbolc, emphasizing the connection to the Goddess Brigid, a symbol of light, fire, and fertility. It concludes with suggestions for how to celebrate Imbolc, including feasting, divination, planting seeds, and connecting with the energy of the sun. If you want to embrace the Imbolc season, the article serves as a comprehensive guide to the rituals, traditions, and deeper spiritual meaning associated with this important seasonal celebration.Read More Here


Imbolc Altar Cloth and Crystal Set

Imbolc Altar Cloth and Crystal Set:

This cotton altar cloth features an exclusive Imbolc design featuring my digital collage artwork! Use this cloth to decorate your Imbolc altar and celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year. You can also add three of my favorite Imbolc crystals: tumbled Amethyst, tumbled Infinite Serpentine, and rough Pyrite, to enhance your connection to this sacred season.Buy at Ashley's Crystal Shop


A Card Spread for Imbolc Graphic 2

Crystals & A Card Spread for Imbolc Article:

This article provides insight into practical, hands-on ways to celebrate Imbolc. I suggest specific crystals, such as Red Garnet, Carnelian, and Pyrite, to work with during this time. Each stone carries symbolic meanings related to the returning warmth and energy. Additionally, I share a sacred, Imbolc Card Spread for introspection and guidance during this period. The seasonal spread covers aspects of foundation, direction, growth, and illumination. Use this spread to uncover hidden influences, regain clarity, focus on personal growth, and receive Universal messages.

Read More Here


FREE Goddess Brigid Coloring Pages

FREE Goddess Brigid Coloring Pages:

Celebrate Imbolc with these 3 FREE printable coloring pages to honor Goddess Brigid! These coloring pages (hand-drawn by me!) include images of the Goddess Brigid, a Corn Dolly, and a Brigid’s cross. You can print these pages at home and color as an act of devotion or meditation. Corn dollies are often made in her image and are called “Little Bride’s.” Brigid’s Crosses are woven each Imbolc and hung in the home as a symbol of protection, fertility, abundance, and blessings. May the fire of Goddess Brigid spark inspiration within you today and always!Download free coloring pages

Goddess Brigid Coloring Pages

Crystals for Celebrating Goddess Brigid at Imbolc Article:

The article delves into the celebration of Imbolc, focusing on the goddess Brigid and her association with this significant holiday. The piece emphasizes Brigid’s multifaceted aspects, exploring her roles as the healer, hearthkeeper, and goddess of the forge. It provides detailed information on Brigid’s myths, symbols, and sacred practices associated with Imbolc. These include the creation of Brigid’s Cross and the tending of her eternal flame. Additionally, the article suggests crystals corresponding to Brigid’s aspects and offers ideas for incorporating them into your spiritual practice. If you’re seeking a comprehensive guide to honoring the Goddess Brigid during the Imbolc season, look no further. This article provides rich insights into her mythology, rituals, and the symbolic elements associated with her.Read More Here

Goddess Brigid Ritual Candle

Goddess Brigid Ritual Candle:

Place this Goddess candle on your altar or sacred space to invoke the energy of the Goddess Brigid. This candle can be used as an offering at Imbolc, or in ritual to connect with Brigid’s sacred flame. My hand-drawn artwork of Brigid adorns this green candle, the color chosen to invoke action, blessings, and healing. You may also choose to upgrade your Goddess Candle to an altar set that includes 3 stones connected with Brigid: Carnelian, Citrine, Pyrite. You can work with these crystals to amplify your intentions and connection with Brigid. Alternatively, you can place them as an offering on your Imbolc altar.Buy at Ashley's Crystal Shop

Biddy Doll Ritual for Imbolc Blessings from Goddess Brigid:

In the Scottish highlands, Biddy dolls (miniature Brigid dolls) are set outside the home or on the hearth during Imbolc. This practice is said to welcome Brigid and her blessings of abundance for the household and crop fields.

The Biddy doll itself is made of corn husks, wheat sheaves, or even a shell wrapped with white cloth. It is then dressed as a tiny, maiden Bride (pronounced Breej) wrapped in white cotton fabric, ribbons, etc. Next, the Biddy doll is placed in a tiny bed or basket, called a Bride’s bed with offerings of food (like bread) and drink (like milk). Sometimes, a wooden stick is placed near the Biddy doll, or across her chest to indicate that the space is ready for Brigid’s arrival. Finally, before bed, the residents call out the door to welcome Brigid into their home.

You can create your own Biddy doll and Bride’s bed and place them near your hearth along with some offerings for Brigid this Imbolc! Then invite Her into your home to receive her blessings.

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Imbolc Wishes for You!

Blessed be the sacred time of Imbolc, where the gentle touch of Brigid’s flame awakens the land from winter’s slumber. May the warmth of her hearth, the strength of her forge, and her healing touch guide you through this season of renewal, growth, inspiration, and the promise of spring’s embrace.

As you embody the energy of Imbolc, take a moment to connect with nature, light a candle in honor of Brigid, and welcome the whispers of new beginnings. May this season inspire creativity, growth, and a renewed sense of purpose on your journey.


Goddess Brigid


As crystal healers, it’s essential for us to stay in alignment and flow with each season and its distinct energies. Because Imbolc is such a potent time for channeling inspiration and making space for growth, it presents the perfect opportunity to harness crystal energy to guide you through this season of spiritual renewal and purification. 


Imbolc Digital Download Kit


Our Imbolc Digital Download Kit has been thoughtfully designed to help you embrace the magic of the dawning spring, find harmony with the reawakening landscape, and cultivate new beginnings. Filled with beautifully-curated resources and expert insights, this kit is your ultimate companion for unlocking the power of crystal healing during this turning of the seasonal wheel. 

This comprehensive, digital kit includes:

  • Imbolc Guidebook
  • Guided Meditation for Imbolc
  • Imbolc Card Spread
  • Imbolc Crystal Grid Recipe & Template


Imbolc Digital Download Kit


Aligning your energy with seasonal ebbs and flows can be transformative for your spiritual and healing practice. You’ll learn all about this with my Imbolc Digital Download Kit!

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Sources & Suggested Reading:

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