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Azurite is a deep indigo blue, monoclinic mineral that’s best known for its connection with intuition and psychic awareness.

A Crystal Affirmation for Azurite:  “I accept and trust my inner guidance and embrace my intuition and psychic skills.”

Healing Properties of Azurite

Common Healing Properties of Azurite:

  • Enhances a connection with the Earth
  • Facilitates the growth of your nurturing qualities
  • Enhances psychic vision and mystical experience
  • Offers energetic protection during astral travel
  • Aids in acceptance of your natural intuitive gifts
  • Promotes truth
  • Encourages personal growth
  • Enhances cosmic connection
  • Useful for honing your psychic skills
  • Helps you deepen meditative states
  • Encourages you to find stillness in the present moment


Join me as I discuss the Properties, Lore, & Meaning of Azurite!



Healing Properties of Azurite: Associations & Correspondences

Colors: Deep indigo blue

Zodiac Signs: Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini

Elements: Water, Earth

Companion Flowers: Grape Hyacinth (Muscaria)

Companion Essential Oil: Blue Lotus

Companion Stone: Tangerine Calcite

Common Origins: Morocco, Arizona, Greece, Namibia, France, Australia

Notes: Also known as Chessylite, Chessy Copper, Lasur, Blue Malachite, or as Kuanos

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Healing properties of azurite

More About Azurite:

Healing properties of azuriteAzurite is a member of the monoclinic crystal system.  It is a deep, indigo blue and can be found in a range of formations including opaque, spherical nodules and gemmy, tabular crystal clusters. Along with Malachite, Azurite is a mineral commonly found near copper deposits, where it can take on an astonishing variety of formations. You may see it as a crystal, a stalactite, a bright blue stone with lighter patterning, a midnight blue mass, a prickly little nodule, or in hundreds of other forms.

This deep indigo stone is connected to the inner eye and stimulates creative expression and the imagination. Work with this crystal when you need a little intuitive help understanding the thoughts or feelings of others. When you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes (or their head for that matter), it’s easier to hold compassion for them and work in cooperation.

Azurite Lore:

Healing properties of AzuriteBecause it is a soft stone with an intense color, ground-up azurite has long been used as a pigment. For example, priests in ancient Egypt would use it to paint the Eye of Horus on their foreheads. Its connection with the third eye is very strong, and it’s often recommended as a crystal to use for intuitive development and connection with heaven. In fact, the people of ancient China called Azurite the “Stone of Heaven” because they believed it helped them find the Heavenly Gateway, the path between heaven and earth.

It’s a good crystal to have near you when you’re meditating, or when you want to connect with your guides and angels. In more modern times, the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce, referred to this stone as Lapis Linguis in several of his readings and recommended it to promote intuitive development.

One Way to Work with Azurite:

This indigo crystal is well known for enhancing your intuition and stimulating your Inner Eye. Place a piece over your brow to connect with the universe in a deeper way and call forth the messages it’s trying to share with you. The copper in this stone acts like a conduit for energy, channeling it straight to your pineal gland, your body’s receiver for cosmic wisdom. Hold Azurite in your hands to help you interpret the messages, words, or symbols that come through.


Azurite Safety:

Be mindful of the fact that this ore contains a lot of copper. It may also give off harmful sulfur fumes when exposed to water, so please keep your pieces dry and handle them with care (be especially careful around dust given off by rough stones or clusters).


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Healing properties of Azurite


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Healing Properties of Azurite: A Crystal for Spiritual Growth & Exploration
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Healing Properties of Azurite: A Crystal for Spiritual Growth & Exploration
The Healing Properties of Azurite will encourage you to accept and trust your inner guidance and embrace your intuition and psychic skills.
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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2 responses to “Healing Properties of Azurite: A Crystal for Spiritual Growth & Exploration

  1. Trina on April 16, 2021 at 11:04 am

    I have a piece of Malachite, it’s actually a palm stone. You mentioned it contains copper, should I not hold it like a palm stone? I haven’t been washing my hands after using it. Thanks, love your podcast & your website.

    1. Love and Light Support on April 23, 2021 at 3:53 pm

      If it’s tumbled and not rough, we and many of our students handle them with no issues <3 The rough form can be more toxic if you inhale the powder or ingest it- but when tumbled, we've found it's a lot safer. 🙂 We encourage you to do some research though and use your judgment! <3 Thanks for being here 🙂 Crystal Blessings!

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