Grounding withthe Water ElementWhen most of us think of grounding, we usually think of the Earth element.  However, when connecting with aspects of the self that relate to other elements (like how the intuition is strongly linked to the energy of the water element) it can be helpful to incorporate those other elements into your grounding practice.

I recommend performing the following technique for grounding before any type of intuitive work is performed…psychic work, pulling cards, mediumship, etc.

This technique works best if you are holding a crystal that connects to the water element in some way (see the list below to help you choose a stone).

Begin by making yourself comfortable in a space where you will not be disturbed. Be sure you can devote some time to this grounding practice and that you will be free from any outside distractions.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Close your eyes and visualize yourself inside of a bubble at the very bottom of the ocean floor, surrounded by beautiful coral, sea anemones, and colorful fish of all kinds. A playful dolphin swims over to your bubble and you look into it’s eyes. The dolphin calls for the others in his pod and they swim over near you, surrounding your bubble.

Dolphin bubbleThe dolphins gently lift your bubble with their noses and begin to nudge it upward. You can feel yourself floating through the sea, admiring your surroundings, knowing that you are safe and protected by the dolphins. As you rise through the water, your bubble begins to fill with white light energy glowing brighter and brighter as you near the surface of the water. When you approach the surface, the dolphins pick up speed and, with a jump, they launch your bubble past the surface of the water, high into the air. You are still safe and protected in this bubble. Your bubble is now glowing very bright with healing, white light energy.

Slowly, your bubble begins to drift down to the earth’s surface. As it descends, you feel yourself becoming grounded and centered. It gently floats down, down, down. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, your bubble lands on the surface of the earth. See your bubble slowly dissolve. You may now take a few deep breaths, slowly open your eyes, and gently stretch your arms or wiggle your toes until you are once again back to full conscious awareness.

Stones to Connect You with the Water Element:

  • Blue Lace Agate – a cooling, water element stone
  • Lake Superior Agate – connects you with the energy of the water element (the life-giving source); aids you in healing the Earth’s bodies of water
  • Amazonite – lets compassion flow like water form your heart
  • Amethyst – connects you with the intuitive aspects of the water element
  • Aquamarine – a stone of the sea and its creatures
  • Brown Aragonite – helps to release the fear of water or of drowning
  • Red Coral Calcite – connects you with the energy of the water element
  • Cavansite – connects you with the energy of the sea
  • Charoite – enhances H.A.D.O. (Dr. Emoto’s water-crystal healing)
  • Creedite – connects you to the energy of the water element in order to wash away feelings and thoughts that need to be released
  • Dumortierite – connects you to the energy of the water element so that you are better able to “go with the flow”
  • Blue Fluorite – connects you to the energy of the water element (for cleansing, emotional healing, etc.)
  • Fossilized Sea Urchin – connection with water
  • Larimar – an ancient dolphin stone; enhances communication with creatures of the sea
  • White Moonstone – opens you to the creative influence of water; removes fears associated with water; for healing the earth’s oceans, seas, and other bodies of water
  • Hyaline Opal – balances the water element within the body
  • Pearl – a symbol of the mermaid; use for purifying the energy body
  • Blue Tara Quartz – connection to water
  • Cobalt Aura Quartz – provides you with an opportunity to learn from the water element
  • Metamorphosis Quartz – connects you with your emotions and with the water element
  • Rose Quartz – connects you with the emotional healing quality of water
  • Shamanic Dream Quartz – connects you with the intuitive aspects of the water element
  • Tibetan Quartz – connects you with the element of water for emotional healing
  • Selenite – connected with the energy of water and of the moon; excellent for intuitive flow
  • Silver – water element connection
  • Blue Topaz – connection with bodies of water
  • Blue Tourmaline – connection to water

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Ashley Leavy

Ashley Leavy

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