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We’ve developed the “Crystal Immersion Method™” of teaching, specifically to help you deepen your crystal knowledge and spiritual development through 3 key pillars of training: intuition, compassion, and confidence.

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Crystal Grids for World Healing

Crystal Grids for World Healing: Let’s Make #OneMillionCrystalGrids

These are unprecedented times, which have left many of us feeling helpless. It can be difficult trying to figure out what to make of the world health crisis that has been unfolding over the last several months. It’s understandable to feel this way, but now  - more than ever - ...
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Crystal Meditation for Calm

[NEW VIDEO] A Guided Crystal Meditation for Calm

I have found myself in a state of disbelief more than once over the last few weeks. Watching things unfold in the world, I have felt almost every emotion - frustration, disbelief, anxiety, shock, fear, hopelessness. But also acceptance, awe, gratitude, love, joy, compassion, and finally, calm. When things feel ...
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Crystals for Healing the Empath Wound: An Interview with Rachael Shaffer

Hello and welcome. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Rachael Shaffer. Rachael is a healing practitioner and the owner of Urban Empath. At Urban Empath, Rachel specializes in supporting empaths, highly sensitive people, intuitives and artists to create successful relationships, find a true sense of purpose, and transform their ...
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Healing Properties of Cobaltoan Calcite: A Crystal for Positive Outlook

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Cobaltoan Calcite: "I open my heart to new love, new people, and the new experiences that are awaiting me in my life." Common Healing Properties of Cobaltoan Calcite: Helps to lift your spirits when you're feeling down Heals the emotional body Creates ...
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Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing Recipe

Crystal Grid for Emotional Healing Recipe

The following crystal grid for emotional healing recipe is from my book Crystals for Energy Healing. When I was writing this book, it was SO important to me to include practical, everyday activities for working with crystals. I thought about some of the most common questions I get from students ...
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Healing Properties of River Agate

Healing Properties of River Agate: A Crystal for the Water Element

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of River Agate: "I live in harmony with the element of water and allow it to guide my creative expression." Common Healing Properties of River Agate: Reduces negativity in your environment Helps you find the humor in any situation Enhances your intuitive abilities ...
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