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How to Run a Crystal
Healing Session, Step-by-Step

How to Run a Crystal Healing Session,

with Ashley Leavy

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Ashley: Hey there, and welcome to video number two in this How to Do a Crystal Healing Session Like a Pro training series. I’m Ashley Leavy of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. And today we’ll be talking about the second key to running a session confidently. But before we dive in, I want to thank you for your beautiful comments that you shared about your takeaways and aha moments from the last video. Now I want to get right into our teaching today. But before I do, I have something really personal that I want to share with you. Believe it or not, I wasn’t always the confident, successful crystal healer that you see before you today. In fact, getting confident doing crystal sessions for others was a big challenge for me. I remember dreading appointments with my clients, because I was terrified of making a mistake in my session and disappointing them. But I was so passionate about crystals and I just wanted to offer the best possible services for my clients and create a really positive experience for them. But there were some big gaps in my crystal knowledge that left me in a place of of self-doubt. I knew I had to break through to the other side of the sphere so that I could be fully present during my sessions with clients and help bring them back into a place of balance and alignment, so I started learning everything I could about the ways that some of the world’s leading crystal experts ran their sessions. And I let this guide my own unique healing style. I went from lacking confidence and getting anxious before each session to having it be the most rewarding and fulfilling part of my work. When you get clarity on your approach and fill in the gaps in your crystal knowledge, it boosts your self-confidence to new heights. So let’s dig in and break things down step-by-step.

In the last video, I shared the importance of scanning your client’s energy field. But the next step is to sweep their energy field. This prepares them to receive the new crystal energy that you’ll be adding. So you can use a crystal wand either made of selenite or clear quartz, and hold this like a comb. Now, you want to run this through the client’s energy field starting at their feet moving toward the crown of their head, and hold intention to remove any excess energy. Now, sweeping works in two different ways. If you move from the feet toward the head, it’s really energizing for your client. Whereas, if you move from the head toward the feet, it’s really grounding and balancing. So really consider how you want to incorporate this practice into your session, but definitely make it a part of your crystal healing approach.

Now you’re ready to actually perform your crystal layout. Now, there are many approaches to this. You can follow a recipe or use your intuition. I recommend, as a beginner, that you start with some pre-made recipes, like the ones you’ll find in my book Crystals for Energy Healing. I’m going to go through one of these recipes with you today to show you step-by-step how this crystal layout is accomplished. When you get a little bit more advanced, you can start using your intuition and inner guidance as your confidence grows, and incorporating crystals that you feel guided or called to use. Let’s take a look at this recipe for physical well-being on pages 58 and 59. This layout starts by placing a black stone between and just below the feet. You’ll see here I’m using a black tourmaline crystal because of its amazing grounding energy. Next, you’ll move up the energy body and place a brownstone one alongside either hip. Following that, you’ll move to just above the shoulders and place some green stones in alignment with the brown stones, forming a rectangle around the main portion of the body. Then, you’ll move to the area of the solar plexus chakra, which is found above the belly button, just in the hollow area below the ribs. Here, you’ll place a yellow stone such as a citrine crystal. Finally, you’ll end this layout by placing a clear stone at your client’s crown chakra. That’s right on top of the head. I’ve chosen a beautiful clear quartz crystal for this position. You want to allow your client to remain in this layout for 20 to 30 minutes to really soak it in this crystal energy. And in the next video, I’ll be giving you some tips on exactly what you should be doing while your client’s in the layout.

After your client has been in the layout for 20 to 30 minutes and has really had time to soak up these positive crystal vibes, you can remove the stones. I recommend doing this in the opposite order they were placed. If you notice, in this layout, we actually started by placing stones at the client’s feet working up toward the head. This helps build the energy slowly so your client doesn’t get spaced out or ungrounded. By removing these stones in the opposite order, we actually bring the energy back down to the physical plane in a slow and orderly fashion.

Now, I do want to really talk about this use of your intuition and inner guidance when you’re following these recipes. If you need to make substitutions with the crystals you’re using, then do that. If you feel called to move a stone or place it in a different spot, listen to that inner guidance that’s coming from your little voice inside. This is the most important part of becoming a successful crystal healer, but I know it can be a difficult skill to develop. And this is the exact kind of thing that I’m going to teach you in my upcoming crystal healing certification program. These are the basic steps of how to place the stones during a layout, but there is so much more than that to performing a crystal healing session. In our next video, I’ll be sharing what to do while your client’s in the layout, answering some of the most common and most important questions I get from both hobbyists and professional crystal healers, as well as how to always end your sessions on a positive note.

Now, I want to hear your favorite take away from this video and how you plan to start incorporating these steps into your own crystal healing practice, so leave me a comment below. Until next time. I’m Ashley Levi, and crystal blessings.


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How to Perform a Customized Crystal Healing Layout

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