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How to Run a Crystal
Healing Session, Step-by-Step

How to Run a Crystal Healing Session,

with Ashley Leavy

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Ashley Leavy: Hello and welcome. I am so glad that you’ve decided to join me for this free training series. I know that as a crystal lover, you want to feel confident when you’re working on others with your stones. But there are often gaps in your knowledge, it can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable about providing healing sessions. I completely understand this because I’ve been in your shoes before. When I first started out as a crystal healer, I worried about whether I was doing things right, if my clients would be satisfied with my sessions, or what would happen if I made a mistake.

I’m Ashley Leavy, the founder and educational director of the Love & Light School of Crystal therapy. I’ve been working with crystals professionally for well over a decade, starting with my own crystal healing practice. And since 2011, I’ve been teaching others what I’ve learned. In today’s video, we’re diving into the first key to doing a healing session, like a pro. And it’s all about properly preparing for the session. Here’s what I’ll cover in today’s training video. Cleansing yourself, your space, and your crystals. Protection, grounding, and centering as a crystal healer. Welcoming your client and starting the session by scanning your client’s energy field.

The first step to preparing for a crystal healing session, like a pro, is to cleanse yourself, your space, and your crystals. Now there are many methods of cleansing that you can choose. You want to be sure to cleanse your auric field, your space or environment where you’ll be providing the healing session, and also your crystals themselves. You can also use sound healing for cleansing and use items like singing bowls tuning forks or even chanting to cleanse your space, the energy of your crystals, and yourself.

The next step to preparing for a crystal healing session, like a pro, is to protect, ground and center yourself. So, when it comes to crystal protection, you have lots of options. You can create a protective grid for your space using crystals, like black Tourmaline and Selenite. But one of my favorite ways to protect yourself as a healer is to wear some jewelry with protective crystals, or even carry a few stones in your pockets. One of my favorites for this is Labradorite because it creates a protective shield of energy around your body. You can also use a stone like smoky quartz, which disintegrates negativity, or Peridot, which creates a beautiful shield of energy, keeping your energy separate from that of your client. Alternatively, you can try a visualization exercise for shielding. Why don’t you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize a protective sheath around your auric field. You can see this as a shimmering gold light that keeps any negativity out of your field and keeps you clear and cleansed.

The next step is to be grounded. So what does this really mean? This is about being connected to the Earth and rooted in so that you’re really truly focused on the present moment and the task at hand. Being grounded allows you to provide better services for your clients, but also helps you feel more in tune with the moment, which allows you to stay more protected while you’re providing services to your client. You can use grounding stones prior to your client arriving, like some black Tourmaline or petrified wood, just below your feet. Try pressing the soles of your feet onto the crystals to get you really grounded and connected to the Earth. Alternatively, you can try a grounding visualization. This is one of my favorite things to try. Now, here’s how it goes. I want you to take a moment to really get tuned into the present moment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and visualize your legs turning into big, beautiful, healthy tree roots. See these tree roots growing deep down into the Earth, making a connection with the very center of the Earth, so that you’re totally tapped in, energetically.

Finally, you need to work to get yourself centered and truly focus on the present moment so that you can provide the best possible services to your client. You can do this by having a little pre-session meditation using some stones for mental clarity, like Rainbow Fluorite, or Golden Tiger’s Eye, or even tapping or thumping your thymus. Your thymus is located halfway between your heart and your throat, and giving it some quick gentle taps for about 30 seconds, really helps to get you centered. After you’ve prepared for your session, it’s time for your client to arrive. The first thing you want to do is give your client a warm greeting. Let them know how much you appreciate having them there. Then, it’s important to sit down and tell them exactly what to expect from a session with you. You may want to cover things like the length of the session and how you work, specifically. Let them know what to expect step-by-step, so they have a good idea of what’s going to happen. And they can just really focus on absorbing the beautiful healing energy that you’ll be providing.

It’s important to have a discussion with your client about why they’ve come to see you, what brought them there today, and what are their goals for the session? What’s going on with them? Having this information ahead of time, really helps you determine which crystals and stones you’ll use for your layouts, and even which layout you’ll choose. So, make sure to have a good heart-to-heart with your client, and discuss why they’re there to see you. After all, I know you got into this work because you want to be of service to others. So, be a compassionate listener, and determine the best road forward with your client.

The last part of preparing for your session is really the first part of performing the session itself, and this is scanning your client’s energy field. Now, you should have gathered lots of great information during your heart-to-heart with your client and discussing why they came to see you. But scanning the energy field tells you even more about what’s going on with that person. Scanning lets you really tune into things that are happening beneath the surface and lets you dive a little bit deeper into the energetic or root causes of what’s going on with your client.

So you want to start by sensitizing your hands. You can do this by rubbing them together briskly to activate your palms and fingers. Then you can just center yourself again by tapping or thumping your thymus and really tune into the energy of the client. So hover your hands just over their feet, start to feel the energy as you move through their auric field. You should be about 1 to 3 inches away from the client’s physical body when you do this so that you’re in the layer of the aura that’s most easy to feel. The best way to scan your client’s energy field is to start at their feet and work your way up their body toward the crown of their head.

Now, how do you interpret this energy and what does it mean? Well, although these are kind of generalizations, and they don’t apply to every situation, there are some basic interpretations that you can use to understand what’s happening with your client. If you feel cold energy can sometimes represent that there is something stuck or stagnant in the client’s energy field, if you feel something that’s really hot or warm, that can sometimes indicate overactive or excessive energy in the field. If you feel an electrical or pulsating sensation, this can be indicative that there’s a lot of chaotic energy that needs to be cleared.

Now, if you’re having trouble feeling the energy, there are a few things you can do. Stop and resensitize your hands by rubbing them together, or hold a crystal in your hands. Now, quartz crystal works best for this. If you hold it in your hands, you can really amp up your ability to sense and feel crystal energy. So take a deep breath, get centered, tune into that crystal energy, and then go back and try your scan again.

In the next video, we’ll be diving into sweeping the aura and how to place stones in a crystal layout. But before you go, I’d really like to hear about your biggest takeaways from this video. So please leave me a comment below. You can also feel free to ask any questions about how to prepare for a crystal healing session. Be sure to look out for the next training video on how to do a crystal healing layout, step by step. Until next time, I’m Ashley Leavy in Crystal Blessings.


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