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Code of Ethics

Students of Love and Light Healing School shall conduct themselves in the following manner by:


  • Making a commitment to providing professional, quality services to anyone seeking their care or expertise
  • Performing only those services which they are trained to practice (and are professionally licensed and/or certified to perform according to their local laws and regulations)
  • Performing all services with sincerity and integrity
  • Educating clients about the products or services offered (fully and accurately) in order to allow the client to make an educated decision about their sessions
  • Ensuring that clients have been told alternative healing of any kind is meant to be complementary, and that it should never be used to replace or substitute conventional medical treatment
  • Accepting the client’s right to accept or refuse advice or service of any kind
  • Keeping all client information in complete confidence
  • Providing a professional, safe, and comfortable atmosphere for clients seeking sessions
  • Maintaining strict hygiene standards
  • Refusing to engage in any behavior that would be considered unprofessional or detrimental to either the client or the practitioner
  • Continuing to seek education in order to improve upon and expand one’s knowledge and healing practice
  • Obtaining any necessary insurance
  • Upholding the techniques and practices set forth and outlined during class by the Love & Light School as well as on our websites
  • Agreeing to use Love and Light course materials only for your personal reference (i.e. not sharing course materials publicly or with non-students)

Negativity of any kind simply won’t be tolerated. You may be removed from our classes or programs at any time at our discretion.  This rule is in place not to punish anyone, but to ensure that we’re all on the same positive, crystalline wavelength.

By enrolling in a class with the Love & Light School of Energy Medicine, you agree to abide by the ethical standards set forth in this Code of Conduct.

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