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Divine Feminine Activation Reading with Ashley

Hear the sacred messages the universe has for you!

Want personalized divine guidance called forth from your Divine feminine essence? Get a 13-card oracle reading AND a crystal recommendation just for you and fully harness the energies of the Friday the 13th portal!

This reading will cover 5 Divine Feminine archetypes with highly specific info to help you:

  • Uncover hidden influences that are affecting the events in your life and reclaim your divine feminine power
  • Hear messages from the universe specific to your unique spiritual path and your archetypal roles as a wise woman, priestess, goddess, queen, and healer
  • Look into what you need to focus on now in your path and what you need to release to move forward in a positive way

Card 1: Your message from the Divine Feminine

Card 2: Your personal connection to the Divine Feminine

Card 3: Your soul path or role in the world

Card 4: Your role as the Healer aspect

Card 5: Your role as the Priestess aspect

Card 6: Your role as the Queen aspect

Your Divine Feminine Activation

Card 7: Your role as the Wise Woman aspect

Card 8: Your role as the Goddess aspect

Card 9: Your Healer journey

Card 10: Your Priestess journey

Card 11: Your Queen journey

Card 12: Your Wise Woman journey

Card 13: Your Goddess journey

Want personalized guidance for your path? Get a 13-card Divine Feminine Activation Reading AND a crystal recommendation just for you!

Ashley is a Certified Card Reader and she’ll use her unique combination of intuition and esoteric knowledge to share messages and guidance JUST for you!

After you book your reading, you’ll receive:

A recorded reading by email from Ashley within 5 business days; this video is downloadable and yours to keep forever!

An intuitive suggestion for a personal crystal you can incorporate into your journey based on the guidance from your reading.

Refund Policy/Disclaimer: Full refunds will be applied if you are not satisfied with your reading.  Cards readings are not meant to provide medical or legal advice. Intuitive information provided is metaphysical in nature and should only be used for personal or spiritual purposes.
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