Can I Put These Crystals Together? – My Favorite Crystal Companions

Stone Pairings for Creativity, Spiritual Growth, & More As a crystal healing instructor, one of the things I get asked most frequently is which stones should or shouldn’t be used together.Although I don’t think there are any stones that CAN’T be used together, it wouldn’t make much sense to use one stone for energizing and … Read More

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Cleanse Your Healing Crystals

Crystals have the ability to receive, store, and transmit energy. For this reason, it is important to routinely cleanse crystals of unwanted or negative energies. By the time you bring your stone home, it has come into contact with many, many energies, and each person and place the crystal comes into contact with will leave … Read More

Healing Properties of Carnelian

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Carnelian: “You are motivated by divine purpose. Allow yourself to tap into Universal creativity and feel it flow through you. If you remain focused, you will manifest your vision with ease.” Common Healing Properties of Carnelian: Helps you to feel grounded Enhances creativity & the flow of … Read More