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Ashley is as genuine as the crystals she lives, works and breathes with. Love and Light radiate from and through her and we are all blessed that the crystal energies allow her to pass on their knowledge, wisdom and pure love. I have sincerely enjoyed taking this series of classes with you. Getting to know you over the past year has been a pleasure. It’s easy to understand your explanations and to truly fall in love with crystals simply through your enthusiasm. Your knowledge base and your passion to provide as much honest, unbiased information as possible, is impressive. I love the way that you put together the materials in the various classes – clear, concise, and well detailed. I enjoyed the practice sessions in class and I really do like the fact that we are required to do 15 hours of practice. Thank you for the support and encouragement you provided in class. Each class has been wonderful.

Peg Nygren

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