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I have suffered from infertility and PCOS done all the treatments one can do but I never got pregnant. My PCOS is now after 30 and forth not at all so bad with pain and cysts as it was in my 20ies. I do suffer from PMS tho. Which I thought were more common. I hope it will be healed with same type of stones.
However I wish I had become a Crystal healer way back when – When I got my first books of the Author Katrina Raphael, in the 80ies. I wanted to go to her Crystal Academy. Never did. So far away and expensive.
Perhaps Ill do some more courses here. I really like Crystals and to learn about Crystals. More hands on. Thanks SO MUCH ASHLEY!!! <3 <3 <3
I feel GREAT that I know how to help others now!

Camilla Bergenheim

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