Fake moldaviteUnfortunately, there is a LOT of fake Moldavite on the market. False information from people who claim to be experts on Moldavite can be misleading, so being able to identify authentic Moldavite is important.


The following article was contributed by Mike Eggleston of Inner Vision Crystals.


Moldavite is an amazing and rare stone. It is the first stone that I really “felt” energy from. I remember getting my first kilo nearly 10 years ago, and having to take breaks sorting through the stones. It has lead me on a journey that has become my career. I do not believe in coincidence, or the illusion of it – all things are connected. I view crystals as one of many tools to be used to raise our awareness and our consciousness.

Moldavite is such a beautiful and mysterious stone.

It’s the only Tektite like it, with the ability to facet some of the most beautiful green gemstones in the world. The stones themselves range from piece to piece, no two stones truly alike. The many differences in color, shape, and texture show the vast range of this stone. This variation exists as it cooled and fell back to earth, and then was buried under millions of years of erosion. They vary from the spiky textures of Besednice, to the thick, large stones of South Bohemia and Chlum. It is highly prized by collectors both for its rarity and its metaphysical appeal. It is deep in mythology and lore, ranging from Grail stories to its healing and awakening powers.

This green stone from the Czech Republic is truly one of the most amazing of all the stones in this world!

My company, Inner Vision Crystals, is at the forefront of exposing the fake Moldavite being sold on ebay and other parts of the web. We are in a very unique position, being the largest US Source for Moldavite. We work with our Czech Source, and handle more Moldavite than most can dream of on a daily basis.  I can now, after 11 years, tell fake Moldavite from real, from just a picture.

Watch Moldavite from Inner Vision Crystals on the History Channel Show “Ancient Aliens”:

With Colgate University in our backyard here in Hamilton NY, we have been fortunate to work with the Geology Deptertment to scan and test some of the fake Moldavite on the market to help educate people.

Watch this quick video to see a fake that was tested by Inner Vision Crystals at Colgate University’s Geology Department in Hamilton, NY:

Watch this video to see an authentic Moldavite stone up close and personal:

I estimate that up to 95% or more of all the Moldavite being sold on eBay from locations in Asia, both rough and faceted, are fake.

Fake Moldavite is hitting the market from China, in more shapes – probably from molds. This can be identified by a wet / shiny melted glass look. However sellers are changing this by acid-washing the pieces to get that “rough texture” look.  This should be a dead giveaway. It’s easy to tell the difference if you know what you are looking for. Many are the same shapes, “perfect”, in all sizes. Be sure to compare with these real Moldavites.

I recommend avoiding dealers from China & Thailand online if their products look like the pieces on this page. Also, if it’s much cheaper than other dealers (though some are now charging top dollar for this fake stuff!).  Again, this is primarily being seen on sites like eBay, DHgate, Amazon & Etsy.

At the 2015 NY / NJ Gem show, there were many rough looking pieces, ALL Large and definitely fakes. I played with them and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I emailed the dealer later to let him know.  All these have the same textures / skins, were poured in molds, and were then given acid baths or some kind of treatment to appear rough.They all look exactly the same and a few are even the same piece from the same mold!

High quality, fake Moldavite is coming out of Thailand with Certifications!

They have good color but are virtually flawless, with none of the tell tale signs of Moldavite.  Although some are starting to use glass material with bubbles, but the color is way off.  I saw this material in Tucson two years ago. A well known dealer from Thailand tried selling us a couple thousand dollars in large, faceted, FAKE Moldavite stones. It’s NEVER flawless like these Glass ones, and there are usually the tell tale swirls / bubbles / waves of some kind.  These are all over eBay as well. This is why a certificate is really worthless for Moldavite.  It all comes down to research and finding a trusted source. The only certifications we trust are from the GIA.

To study some pictures of Natural Moldavite, check out this page.

Fake Moladvite vs the REAL DEAL

In October of 2014, I went to Colgate University and met with the Geology Chairman, William Peck. I used a very cool piece of equipment – a hand held X-Ray Analyzer. Together, William and I tested some real Moldavites and a couple fake pieces from Hong Kong.

The fake moldavite showed very high Lead levels (Pb) and much lower Silicon (Si) and other differences than real Moldavite.

Fake moldavite

“The first stone in the picture above is the flat oval fake one. It is only 48% SiO2, while real natural moldavite is in the range 72-80 wt%.  It has undetectable or almost no Fe, Zr, or Ti, while some of those elements are always seen in natural moldavite. Aluminum (Al) is also very low.  The most interesting thing is that there is 24 wt% Pb, 1.8 wt% As, and 2900 ppm Cl in the fake piece, while there is almost none in the natural moldavite. It also has 8.7 % K2O, which is about 3x the amount in the natural samples.”

“The second stone is a fake cut one.  It is totally different from the first one.  The SiO2 is similar to natural moldavite (77% SiO2), but has undetectable or almost no Fe, Zr, Ti, or K.  Al is also very low. It doesn’t have the Pb or As of the other fake, but does have high Cl (3800 ppm).”  – William Peck, Professor of Geology, Colgate University.

In July of 2011, a customer in Malaysia emailed me some pictures of a 184 gram fake he was offered for $3000 from a Chinese dealer.  These “dealers” are getting bold making pieces this large. I knew it was fake as soon as he saw it and confirmed this with his Czech Source who said he saw the piece at the Hong Kong Gem show. If this 184 gram was real it would be much more than $3000.  A piece this size, in excellent condition like this scam piece, would be more in the $25,000+ range.

Because of limited production in the Czech Republic the past few years and increased popularity of Moldavite, suppliers in Thailand & China / Hong Kong have been using a glass composite to manufacture fake Moldavite and sell in the online market, and probably many gem shows in Asia.  Most of it is found on ebay and to the trained eye is blatantly obvious, most of it is probably coming from one or two suppliers.

The Largest Moldavite ever found was in the 238 – 260 gram range and anything over 50 grams is extremely hard to find on the market as they end up in Private collections pretty fast. 20+ gram are considered “Select” Size, Large. I sold an 85 gram piece a couple months back and that is the largest he had personally held.  

It is important to educate yourself about all crystals and gems you are going to invest your money in.

Buy only from dealers who have a reputation in the business for having good material direct from the Czech Republic. My Moldavite source at Inner Vision Crystals is the biggest in the Czech Republic.  

Those hoping to save a few dollars by ordering from China or dealers on eBay unfortunately get what they pay for.  95% of the faceted Moldavite on eBay from Thailand and China is FAKE.  Real Moldavite will have bubbles & swirls within it, not like the glass being sold on the market as Moldavite. Much of the rough, fake material is one color, usually flat oval like shapes, may have good texture but does not have the natural veils and bubbles or inclusions of lechatelierite (pure silica glass – melted quartz) like the real thing.  Some of the fake stuff is also reported to fluoresce under UV or Blacklight. Many also look wet or shiny, like melted glass.  Very few natural Moldavites even look like this.

Educate yourself here by checking out some pictures of natural Moldavite and the fake stuff side by side.  Then do more research so you can learn how to spot these stones when you see them.

If you want to know if a piece is authentic please don’t hesitate to contact me with photos, or links to the piece and I will let you know.  I get requests for this all the time and am very quick to reply to emails.  I also have access to an X Ray Analyzer at Colgate University in the Geology Department if I need to test anything.

Check out the Largest Online collection of AUTHENTIC Moldavite here.

Fake moldavite

A very special thanks from all of us here at the Love & Light School to Mike Eggleston of Inner Vision Crystals for allowing us to share this article.  Click Here to get to know more about Mike and IVC.

If you’re looking for some amazing quality gemstones at fantastic prices, please be sure to check out the Inner Vision Crystals website.

Fake moldavite

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How to Spot FAKE Moldavite
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How to Spot FAKE Moldavite
There is a LOT of fake Moldavite on the market, so being able to correctly identify authentic Moldavite is extremely important. Here's how...
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8 responses to “How to Spot FAKE Moldavite

  1. Valerie Mihalicz on July 5, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Great information! Thank you for sharing ??
    Rock ‘n Gems – Airdrie, AB. Canada

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on July 6, 2017 at 7:40 am

      Thanks Valerie- we’re so glad you enjoyed it! <3

      Crystal blessings.

  2. Suzanne on July 6, 2017 at 8:45 am

    So good to know. I was wondering why the first video guy said he didn’t want to give away the secrets of how to identify a fake or something along that line, when he was showing the large fake? That didn’t make sense to me. I got the answers from the other video, even though I only have a loupe to look at any Moldavite that may come to my store either through customers wanting to see if theirs is a fake, or when I go to a show.

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on July 6, 2017 at 4:07 pm

      Hi Suzanne! Thanks so much for your comment. I think in that video he meant he didn’t want to give away too many secrets about how he knew it was a fake, because then it would help others replicate those “high-quality fakes” more easily 🙂 Then there would be even more fakes on the market!

      You can contact our friend Mike with Inner Vision Crystals anytime you’d like to double check whether a Moldavite you’re looking at might be a fake 🙂 Here is the link to contact him: https://www.innervisioncrystals.net/pages/contact

      Crystal blessings!

  3. Fran on July 10, 2017 at 5:29 am

    I would like to recommend an ultimate guide how to spot a real / fake moldavite (even from an image): http://www.aboutmoldavites.com/books/how-to-identify-genuine-moldavites-and-moldavite-fakes/
    It contains instruction for rough moldavites with natural surface, faceted moldavites, etc.

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on July 10, 2017 at 5:32 pm

      Thank you Fran! 🙂 Crystal blessings!

  4. Lance Hiller on March 17, 2020 at 4:06 pm

    I bought a piece of moldavite at a store in memphis, TN. It has been in my pocket for a week or two. I noticed what looked like it flaking. I took a small pick to it and pried the flake off. Underneath it is smoother and wet looking.
    Does Moldavite break or chip easily, and do you think this one, based on the description, is a fake?

    I don’t have a microscope to examine it by.

    1. Jolie Love and Light Support on March 18, 2020 at 6:33 pm

      Moldavite is basically a natural glass, so it does chip very easily. What you’re describing sounds like damage that is to be expected from keeping a fragile stone loose in a pocket and is no cause for alarm that it might be fake. 🙂 Thank you for asking! <3 Crystal Blessings your way <3

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