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Go on a Journey of Self Discovery to Uncover Your Calling…

Discover your Soul Purpose with Crystals

The 5 best methods to tap into your intuition, get clarity on your calling and unlock your true inner passions

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Uncover Your True, Authentic Self

Connect with the Energy of Your Crystals

Gain Clarity, Purpose & Alignment

Step Confidently into Your Exciting Future!

It’s time for you to remember who you are and why you’re here…

To align your life with your visions and dreams, in service to the sacred…

To activate and awaken your authentic self.

Are you ready to listen to the
whispers of your inner voice, and
follow your Soul Calling with crystals?

Plus, you’ll gain access to
these exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1

Guided Crystal Meditation

Reconnect with your spiritual path and your role in the Universe with this relaxing, empowering visualization exercise.

Bonus #2

Soul Purpose Workbook

Your step-by-step guide to uncovering and mapping out your purpose, with journal prompts and inspiration for your journey.

Hey There! I’m Ashley Leavy.

I’m the Founder of The Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy – an award-winning crystal healing school that teaches and certifies thousands of crystal students
around the world each year.

With more than 13 years of professional work with crystals behind me, I’ve helped thousands to uncover their true gifts and step into their life callings with the help of crystal energy. It’s my joy and passion to be able to share the magic of the mineral world with other crystal lovers and spiritual seekers…

Crystals truly have changed my life, and I know they can transform yours too!

Let’s uncover your soul purpose together and start this transformation now. Grab your crystals and let’s dive right in…

Sacred Stones of Avalon A Crystal Pilgrimage to Reveal the Grail Within

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