Conquer Cold & Flu with this Immune-Boosting Crystal Grid

It’s getting close to cold & flu season and if you’re┬áconcerned about sniffles and coughs slowing you down this winter, then you may want to try out this awesome crystal grid recipe for boosting your immune system. There are lots of things we all try to do on a physical level to prevent cold and … Read More

4 Commonly Mis-Diagnosed Illnesses & How to Support Them with Healing Crystals

Medical experts agree that thyroid conditions seem to be on the rise. The causes, although still uncertain for sure, are thought to be linked to a variety of triggers such as environmental toxins and pollution, an increase in auto-immune diseases, radiation exposure, an increase in viral and bacterial illnesses linked to thyroid disease, smoking, gluten … Read More

Top 4 Tips for Using Healing Crystals for Weight Loss

I am often asked which stones are best for helping with weight loss. My personal choice, and the stones that I find myself recommending over and over again to my clients, are Carnelian, Amethyst and Apatite. I have personally worked with these crystals with great results (I lost 20 pounds in just three months). The … Read More

Healing Crystals for Fertility Treatment: Creating a Crystal Fertility Nest

During the past several years I have performed many crystal energy healing sessions and, frequently, one of the things I am asked to treat is infertility. There are a variety of ways to treat this issue, but one of the most effective has been the following exercise. First, choose a stone that you intuitively feel … Read More