Healing Crystals for Acceptance & Emotional Healing

When things get tough or you’ve been through a particularly rough patch, it can often be very difficult to move forward with your life and heal.  The way ahead isn’t always an easy one, but taking the first steps toward healing old emotional wounds through acceptance is important if you’re to find peace and balance. … Read More

The Secret Uses of Record-Keeper Crystals – Revealed!

Record-Keeper crystals have a very unique energy, matched only by their unusual appearance. These crystals can be identified by the appearance of raised or sunken “record-keeper” triangles on the faces of the crystal.  The record-keepers are typically formed when mineral-rich solution flowed over protrusions on the surface of the crystal point.  They are normally found … Read More

Connecting with the Past & Healing Your Ancestral Line with Lakelandite Crystals

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with some of my new crystal treasures from CrystalAge.com One of the stones I am enjoying the most is Lakelandite.  Lakelandite is a combination of Black Basalt and Bytownite (also known as Golden Labradorite).  I have worked with each of these minerals separately, but I have … Read More

Clearing Karma with Crystals

Karma is the Universal/Cosmic Law of Divine Justice. It holds you accountable for your actions, whether they are good or bad. Basically, you will receive what you send out to the Universe. Your past lives can affect your current karma. Past lives are previous incarnations in which your soul lived in another time and/or place … Read More