Romance Rocks! Crystals for Love & Relationships

It’s that time of year again…candy hearts and construction paper valentines… boxed chocolates and lacey delicates.  That’s right – it’s almost Valentine’s Day! But if you’re bored of the same old traditional, mass-produced gifts of romance, why not try something a little bit different?  Why not try some steamy, sexy stones! Have you been thinking … Read More

Steamy, Sexy Stones: Crystal Grids for Love & Romance

With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, love and romance seem to be on everyone’s mind.  Have you been thinking about how to add a little romance to your life?  Do you want to create a deeper emotional connection with your partner?  Are you interested in spicing things up in the bedroom?  Why not … Read More

3 Helpful Tips for Self-Love & Self-Care with Crystals

Lightworkers often find themselves feeling drained or burned out. Many compassionate, heart-centered healers give and give an give some more, without remembering to take time for their own self-care. Taking time for self-love and self-care are not only good for you (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), but they are also good for your business, because … Read More

Healing Crystals for Fertility Treatment: Creating a Crystal Fertility Nest

During the past several years I have performed many crystal energy healing sessions and, frequently, one of the things I am asked to treat is infertility. There are a variety of ways to treat this issue, but one of the most effective has been the following exercise. First, choose a stone that you intuitively feel … Read More