Autism is an epidemic.Healing Crystals for Autism These are words that are becoming all too familiar in mainstream news media.


Autism touches the lives of millions of Americans. Chances are, you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who has either been diagnosed with autism or who has someone dear to them with autism. But even with these connections, you may not fully understand what autism is or how it affects people.

“Autism is a central nervous system disability which affects social and sensory processing. The constantly changing world of social relationships is an especially tangled place.” -Kristin Kilmark (Untangling the World)

My friend, Kristin Kilmark (owner of Kristin’s Creations), is a young woman with autism. Kristin has explained that strives to find balance in four main areas of her life: courage, hope, peace, and control. Kristin has chosen four colors to represent these life areas and she uses them as symbols, or reminders, to find balance. Here’s an explanation rom Kristin about these colors:

  • Red for Courage:  It takes real bravery for a person on the autism spectrum to live in a constantly shifting, unpredictable world.
  • Green for Hope:  When things go wrong, a person with autism always looks for a better day tomorrow.
  • Blue for Peace:  All too rare, moments of peace and inner calm are the best friends of a person with autism.
  • Yellow for Control:  Control of the sensory environment, including sounds and smells, is hard to come by but very welcome for a person on the autism spectrum.

I was recently asked about crystals for autism, and was so inspired by Kristin’s message of hope and strength. I knew that her message could help many others with autism find a symbol, or reminder, for how to cope when things seem overwhelming. So, below are some crystals for autism corresponding to the colors that Kristin uses to help her every day.

Crystals for autism:


Red Jasper for Autism

Red Jasper for Autism

Red Stones for Courage:

  • Red Jasper: a stone of bravery and inner strength.
  • Garnet: a powerful healing stone traditionally associated with courage.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye: a stone of focus and mental clarity.

Green Aventurine for Autism

Green Aventurine for Autism

Green Stones for Hope:

  • Jade: a crystal of hope and happiness
  • Green Aventurine: this stones can lift your spirits if it feels like everything around you keeps going wrong
  • Seraphinite: Strongly linked with the angelic realm, this stone calls in help from all sources, especially from your angels and guides

Angelite for Autism

Angelite for Autism

Blue Stones for Peace:

  • Blue Quartz: This variety of Quartz is a stone of balance and harmony
  • Angelite: This crystal reduces anxiety and helps you achieve inner peace
  • Iolite: This stone is linked to the calming energy of the water element

CItrine for Autism

CItrine for Autism

Yellow Stones for Control:

  • Citrine: This crystal promotes confidence and inner strength, both of which help with control
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye: This stone encourages clarity and focus
  • Yellow Jasper: This crystal encourages healthy boundaries

Carrying these crystals in a small pouch or medicine bag as a reminder of courage, hope, peace, and control is a positive way to receive the energetic support provided by these crystals.

I recommend adding one of each type of stone from above to your medicine pouch to carry with you. In this way, you’ll have the properties of these healing stones in your energy field at all times, promoting positive, supportive energy. You are now ready to wear your medicine bag. You may choose to wear it daily, or just during particularly “rough” patches when you need extra support.

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Healing Crystals for Autism
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Healing Crystals for Autism
Do you struggle with autism, or know someone who does? These crystals for autism have special properties that will help and support you and your loved ones.
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