Healing Crystals for Acceptance & Emotional Healing

When things get tough or you’ve been through a particularly rough patch, it can often be very difficult to move forward with your life and heal.  The way ahead isn’t always an easy one, but taking the first steps toward healing old emotional wounds through acceptance is important if you’re to find peace and balance. … Read More

Crystal Energy for Balance: Relieving Anxiety with Stones

There are occasionally times in your life when you may feel anxious or worried, but what happens when you begin to feel anxious or fearful often?  Over time, this constant stress and anxiety depletes your energy and leaves you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.  One of the best things you can do if you find … Read More

Getting Unstuck: Crystals for Enhancing Motivation and Banishing Procrastination

Have you ever felt stuck?  You are desperately yearning to move forward – with a project, situation, relationship, or career – but you just can’t seem to get anywhere? You’re always daydreaming about what it would be like if you could just make a change…the problem is…you’re SO stuck that you can’t do what is … Read More

Crystals for Grieving and Coping with Loss

Grief can touch our lives when we least expect it.  Grief can come from out of no where and crash into us with powerful force.  It affects each of us in different ways and can be difficult to identify (in ourselves or others) let alone cope with.  So how do we work through the difficulty … Read More

Crystals for Depression: Shifting from a Heavy Heart to a Happy Heart

Depression is something that affects most people at one time or another in their lives.  Whether it is short term or chronic, it can be one of the most difficult things a person can face in their life. Healing crystals can be used to help support you emotionally while you work through your depression, acting … Read More

Three Citrine Secrets for Prosperity & Balance

Citrine Secret #1 Revealed:  Citrine is a wonderful stone for enhancing prosperity and wealth. It helps you manifest things into your life. To create a Citrine crystal prosperity grid, place four Citrine crystals (tumbled stones or points) in a perfect square shape. The overall size of the square does not matter, but small tabletop grids … Read More

3 Helpful Tips for Self-Love & Self-Care with Crystals

Lightworkers often find themselves feeling drained or burned out. Many compassionate, heart-centered healers give and give an give some more, without remembering to take time for their own self-care. Taking time for self-love and self-care are not only good for you (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), but they are also good for your business, because … Read More

Fearlessly Shield & Heal Your Heart Chakra with Green Tourmaline & Peridot

Green Tourmaline helps to protect your aura by acting like an auric shield. It keeps most negativity from even entering your field in the first place. However, if there are some negative vibes hanging around, Green Tourmaline helps to cleanse and clear your energy field quickly and effectively. Peridot works and a very similar way. … Read More

Using Crystals to Beat the Winter Blues

Well, it seems to be the time of year when most of us are in full-on hibernation mode. We hunker down and begin to wait for the first few days of spring. For many, this quiet time is accompanied by a lack of motivation or a nasty case of the winter blues. This year, I … Read More