Healing crystalsHealing crystals have been used as far back as human history reaches, both for healing and for energy work.


The following article was contributed by Mike Eggleston of Inner Vision Crystals.


Everything, all matter and life, is energy with its own vibrational frequency. Healing crystals are no different. Each variation has a unique vibrational level, or certain qualities. This is why, for example, quartz is used in electronic devices. It is used in everything from watches, to computers and many other applications. When energy is applied or transmitted through quartz, it expands and amplifies.

Crystals have the ability to store and program energy.

When introduced into our energy fields, healing crystals direct and transmute energy when applied properly. Crystal structure is based on the arrangement of the atoms and molecules in its makeup. Crystalline structure is virtually perfect, and has attracted the wonder of the human mind since the beginning. Metaphysical attributes have been associated with crystals since humans have been conscious of their many uses. This began in a time when humans were more in touch with nature and right brained, intuition-based thinking.

Healing crystals also have the ability, through incorporating them with meditation and metaphysics (which modern physics will come to combine within the coming years), to allow us to perceive different levels of our awareness/consciousness. Some crystals, such as Herkimer Diamond Quartz (NY – USA), Lemurian Seed Crystals (Brazil), and Moldavite (Czech Republic) have very high vibrations. This means that they can have a very deep impact on our energy fields and consciousness through meditation.

Crystals are the physical tool needed to help us navigate the unseen, the unknown.

Through meditation (the tuning of the mind / consciousness with higher awareness to access pure mind), information can be obtained from these higher states of being. This information helps to activate the third eye (pineal gland / Mind’s eye). This part of the brain is associated with intuition, higher senses, and psychic awareness.

The ancients were very much in tune with nature, energy and their relationship to the whole of creation. This was before the last shift in planetary consciousness thousands of years ago. In today’s modern society, that connection must be established once again to rise above the issues facing us. Technology is an amazing thing, and with the vast wisdom available, we have the opportunity to do so many great things. However wisdom (knowledge known and verified via direct experience), is quickly becoming lost. Data may replace this knowledge, however often without even verifying what may be being presented, or why.


A very special thanks from all of us here at the Love & Light School to Mike Eggleston of Inner Vision Crystals for allowing us to share this article.  Click Here to get to know more about Mike and IVC.


healing crystals

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Crystals, Healing, & Consciousness
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Crystals, Healing, & Consciousness
The power of healing crystals can be harnessed for both healing and energy work. They are the tool needed to help us navigate the unseen, the unknown...
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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4 responses to “Crystals, Healing, & Consciousness

  1. Linda Wakeling on August 2, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Hi Ashley
    I’ve always been fascinated by crystals and have a modest collection of “essentials”. I did some reading on crystals on their benefits etc and absolutely love and swear by the power of my hematite. I suffer from dizzy spells occasionally and lower back pain. I have a hematite necklace one of my aunties gave me and I wear it regularly. No more dizzy spells!!! When my sciatica plays up I actually tape my hematite crystal to my lower back. The pain may not go away completely but it eases it off so that I can still go about my day without the misery.
    My mother’s family originate from Lithuania and I have a gorgeous amber necklace. When I feel a bit stressed and tired after work I hold my amber like worry beads. It works!!!! I just feel calmer and more relaxed. I also sleep with the amber draped over my bed head behind me. I can’t remember the last time I had a bad night’s sleep.
    I do have other crystals but my hematite and amber are my favourites. I read that if we’re drawn to a particular crystal, go with it. I have and they certainly work for me. And I charge my crystals each month in the full moon. I can’t explain it, but some things just don’t need explaining. And I absolutely love your book too!!!! Thank you

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on August 3, 2017 at 8:05 am

      Hi Linda!! Thank you so much for sharing this– this was so wonderful and interesting to read! I love that the hematite and amber are working so well for you– we absolutely agree that you should just go with whichever ones you’re drawn to! <3 <3

      Crystal blessings!

  2. Renee Anderson on August 2, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    Hi Ashley! My name is Renee and I’m a Lightworker and Spiritual Medium. As part of my Lightworker duties I’m able to perform Chakra Cleansings and I definitely rely on my crystals. I place appropriate stones on each chakra and they immediately go to work. I love your site and the tons of information you provide! Thank you and bless you. Renee

    1. Lauren Love & Light Support on August 3, 2017 at 8:07 am

      Hi Renee! That is so fantastic that you use crystals in your Chakra Cleansings! <3 Which ones are your favorites for the different chakras?

      We are so happy that you love the site-- please let us know if there is anything we can do for you <3 Crystal blessings!

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