Your Burning Crystal Questions Answered

Article by Mimosa’s Own Cathy Douglas People have a lot of questions about crystals, and we’re happy to share their enthusiasm! Here are some things people often wonder about. So I just bought a crystal. Now what do I do with it? There are so many things you can do with crystals! You can carry … Read More

Three Formations of Aragonite

  Three Formations of Aragonite: Aragonite, like calcite, is a form of calcium carbonate, the same mineral that also forms seashells. In nature, this mineral gets recycled back and forth between living and nonliving forms. If you keep an aquarium, a piece of aragonite will help create a natural, healthy environment for the living creatures … Read More

Crystal Controversy: Rough vs Tumbled Stones

Article by Mimosa’s own Cathy Douglas Which is better: a rough crystal, or one that’s been polished? We hear that question all the time at Mimosa. My own instinctive feeling has always been that rough stones have a purer energy and a more forceful presence than stones that have been cut or polished. But others … Read More

Proven Tips for Manifesting with Geodes

Geodes are powerful crystal tools for manifesting.  To use your geode to manifest love, abundance, prosperity, etc. you must first get clear on your intention.  Take a few moments to center and ground yourself and then focus on what it is you truly desire to manifest.  Write your intention on a small piece of paper. … Read More

The Secret Uses of Record-Keeper Crystals – Revealed!

Record-Keeper crystals have a very unique energy, matched only by their unusual appearance. These crystals can be identified by the appearance of raised or sunken “record-keeper” triangles on the faces of the crystal.  The record-keepers are typically formed when mineral-rich solution flowed over protrusions on the surface of the crystal point.  They are normally found … Read More

Greatest Crystals for Shamanic Journeying: Elestial Smoky Quartz

Shamanic Journeying can be a very healing experience, but you must be sure that your etheric body (your astral body) is properly guided and protected during the journey. Elestial Smoky Quartz crystals are excellent stones for shamanic journey work. Elestial crystals, in general, are fantastic for this, but Smoky Quartz elestials are especially useful for … Read More

2 Best Selenite Formations for Cleansing & Connection

Selenite, a form of Gypsum, is strongly connected with the Crown Chakra. It is communly used for promoting a connection with the Higher Self, to aid in ascension and spiritual growth, to help clear the mind for meditation, and to promote peace and harmony, but its most common use is for purification (especially to cleanse … Read More

Using Lemurian Crystal Wands for Uplifting Healing & Meditation

Most Lemurian crystal laser wands are single-terminated, clear Quartz points from a very special place in Minas Gerais, Brazil. As the story goes, when the original Lemurian crystals were discovered at their current location, they were all “loose.” Quartz crystals almost always grow as a cluster on some form of matrix or parent material. The … Read More

Using Black Tourmaline Formations for Mind-Blowing Crystal Protection

Black Tourmaline comes in a few different formations. Some of the crystals have striations on their surfaces, others are double-terminated, some are just rough chunks, and some form very high-quality, delicate crystals. The striated crystals (usually originating from Brazil) are great for speeding things up (like manifesting, karmic cycles, and more) and for enhancing the … Read More