Crystals for Ancestor Connection e-Kit


This e-Kit will guide you through using crystal energy for ancestor connection.

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thinpaperback_795x1003This e-Kit will guide you through using crystal energy for ancestor connection.

In the e-Booklet, “Healing Crystals for Ancestor Connection”, and companion audio workshop, you will learn about using crystal energy with feng shui to invite your ancestor spirits into your space.  I’ll also help you discover which crystals can be used for connecting with your ancestors during meditation.  Finally, I’ll teach you how to create a crystal altar for connecting with your ancestors.

I’ve also included a guided meditation for connecting with your ancestors using crystals.  I’ll guide you through, step-by-step, how to connect with your ancestor spirits and ask for guidance, support, and healing during the meditation.  The e-kit also includes a transcript of the meditation for your convenience.

Since crystal feng shui is a big part of this e-kit, I’ve included a printable crystal bagua map to help you select crystals for inviting ancestor spirits into your space.

Finally, there’s a booklet all about creating vibrational sprays with crystals and essential oils to cleanse your sacred space for ancestor connection as well as assist you in removing negative karma from your ancestral line for deep healing.  I’ll give you step-by-step instructions, plus my favorite recipe, for this powerful vibrational spray.  There’s even a special page of printable labels for your own sprays.


This e-Kit includes:

  • an 5-page “Vibrational Spray Recipe for Ancestor Connection” e-Booklet in PDF format
  • a 2-page printable vibrational spray labels template in PDF format (2 sizes included)
  • a 22-page “Healing Crystals for Ancestor Connection” e-booklet in PDF format
  • a 1-page printable Crystal Bagua Map Chart in PDF format
  • a 9-minute “Crystals for Ancestor Connection Meditation” guided mp3
  • a 4-page “Crystals for Ancestor Connection Meditation” transcript in PDF format
  • a 30-minute “Crystals for Ancestor Connection Audio Workshop” audio in mp3 format



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