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Celebs Who Love CrystalsYes…you totally read that right. Once, a few summers ago, Robert Downey Jr. (known most recently for his roles as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, although he’s had an enduring acting career) visited my crystal shop, Mimosa Books & Gifts.


The visit was a little bittersweet for me personally, as I wasn’t there that day. However, I heard all about it from my swooning staff members. When I heard, I was absolutely thrilled that he stopped in during a visit to Madison, Wisconsin.

My staff tells me he stocked up on incense and essential oils, was super polite and friendly, and then went on his way (but not before my husband, a HUGE Iron Man fan, got to briefly chat with him about his role in Marvel’s Civil War movie). And in case you were wondering, my staff assures me he’s even more attractive in real life.  😉

However, RDJ isn’t the only celeb that is into crystals. Other Hollywood stars are working with the healing energy of crystals too. In this week’s blog, a guest post by CrystalAge.com, we’re talking about some A-list celebrities and their love of crystal healing.

Celebs Who Love Crystals

Sparkling, magnificent and enchanting, it’s no wonder celebrities love crystals. Known for their extravagant dress sense, which catches onlookers’ attention, you don’t have to wait too long before a celebrity is snapped draped in stunning crystal jewelry. Not only do many of our favourite celebs have a penchant for crystal jewelry, but it’s also not unusual for many a famous name to be associated with alternative medicine, including crystal healing. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the following celebrities who, by all intents and purposes, appear to love crystals.

The Beckham’s Back Black Tourmaline

With its chic, modern and highly polished look, the most stylish among us are seen wearing a stunning Black Tourmaline necklace or a shiny Black Tourmaline ring. What’s more, this mystifying crystal is used for protection against negativity and is said to exude a relaxed and safe environment.

World-renowned trend-setters Victoria and David Beckham are reportedly big fans of Black Tourmaline. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David. Whilst his designer wife spoke of her love of Black Tourmaline and Pink Quartz. “We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive,” Mrs Beckham has said.

Angelina Jolie and Crystal Healing

According to several sources, Angelina Jolie is also a big believer in crystal healing. The online American magazine, Entertainment Wise, states that Angelina has been collecting crystals for years. Furthermore, she is a firm advocate of their healing power. “[Ms Jolie] believes [crystals] hold sacred, ancient energy and she wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on them,” a friend of Angelina’s told the online magazine.

Kate Hudson Adores Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of love, protection, confidence, self worth and peace. As well as this, it is utterly gorgeous to look at. It’s no wonder then that rose quartz is adorned by thousands, including a long line of celebs. Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears and Kate Hudson are often seen wearing a rose quartz pendant, ring, earrings or some other delightful piece of jewelry. “I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me,” Kate Hudson said.

Sheryl Crow Positively Loves Citrine

Containing a solar quality of energy, citrine has traditionally been considered a good healing crystal. It is believed citrine can strengthen self-esteem and create a positive flow of energy around the body. Being one of the world’s most successful singer/songwriters, Sheryl Crow naturally requires lots of positive energy to be able to perform as sensationally as she does. A self-confessed citrine enthusiast, Sheryl Crow is believed to enjoy this beautiful crystal’s tension-releasing powers.



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Celebs Who Love Crystals (& the time Robert Downey Jr. visited my crystal shop)
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Celebs Who Love Crystals (& the time Robert Downey Jr. visited my crystal shop)
You don't have to look far to find celebs who love crystals, and not just jewlery -- we're talking everything from crystals for the home to crystal healing!
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Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy
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