Test Your Knowledge with a Crystal ID Quiz (PLUS Fun Facts!)

How many of these crystals can you identify using the pictures and clues given below? If you get stuck, you can find the answers at the end of this post.  Even if you’re already a crystal whiz, you might pick up a new piece of trivia or two.  Enjoy!       A: A powder … Read More

Lithomancy: Casting Stones to Read the Future

Lithomancy is the ancient, divinatory art of casting crystals to receive guidance and wisdom.   It has been used by shaman and fortune tellers for thousands of years and can still be used effectively today. Casting crystals to help you gain insight into your future is a very different form of divination than crystallomancy or … Read More

Your Burning Crystal Questions Answered

Article by Mimosa’s Own Cathy Douglas People have a lot of questions about crystals, and we’re happy to share their enthusiasm! Here are some things people often wonder about. So I just bought a crystal. Now what do I do with it? There are so many things you can do with crystals! You can carry … Read More

How to Perform a Crystal Ball Reading Step-by-Step

Humans have been practicing the art of crystallomancy (a form of scrying divination using a crystal ball) also know as crystal ball reading, for hundreds – if not thousands of years. One of the most famous crystallomancers was John Dee, advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.  Dee practiced his art in the 16th century, but is … Read More

Soothing the Soul with a Crystal Energy Bath for Self-Care

In celebration of Bubble Bath Day (that’s right – there really is a holiday just to honor the beautiful luxury that is a sudsy tub of bubbles!) I’m sharing some tips on creating a healing bath with crystal energy.  This exercise allows you to bathe in crystal energy until your energy body is balanced and … Read More