Crystal Controversy: What’s the Best Way to Store Your Crystals?

There are may differing points of view on the best way to store your healing stones. This debate can sometimes get heated between healers as each person has their own preference and there is no basis on which to prove which storage method is actually best. Storing your crystals in individual pouches or containers will … Read More

Crystal Sound Healing: Using Crystal Tuners & Tuning Forks

Crystals are powerful healing tools on their own, but when combined with other therapies, they act even more quickly and effectively to help bing you back into balance.  Sacred geometry, aromatherapy oils, Reiki, and massage are all commonly combined with crystals, but one modality that is lesser known for its use with healing stones is … Read More

Stone Scents: Using Crystal Incense for Enhancing Meditation

Incorporating crystals into your meditation practice can be a deeply rewarding experience.  However, the ways in which the stones can be used during meditation can be somewhat limited at times.  Using crystal incense is a fun and different way to incorporate crystal energy into your practice. There are several crystal incense varieties commonly available for … Read More